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How to Import Multiple vCard Files to Hotmail? Know Complete Solution

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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As you can see there are a number of users for the solution of this query to import multiple vCard files to Hotmail. Me and my team getting lots of queries, where everyone is asking for a solution related to this query. Here in this article, we talk about the solution, here we try to provide you with the best technique to get through this scenario. Follow and read the complete article for a hassle-free solution. 

There are many situations where a user, due to his personal or professional work, wants to import multiple vCard files to Hotmail account. As we all know, as a web-based email client, Hotmail is easy to access anytime and anywhere. It provides a great experience with many features making it a great program.

As it is known that the contact is stored in .vcf file format, it needs to be imported to the readable file because the data is in binary language which the user cannot understand. Today in this blog, we will cover both automatic and manual methods to vCard to a Hotmail account.

Why is it Necessary to Import vCard to Hotmail?

  • This makes it possible to group emails by type so that people can easily search for related emails whenever needed.
  • It offers you to easily connect with your family & friends through its chat facility.
  • Hotmail is a web-based application so, like any other web-based service, it allows you to have instant access to data anytime and anywhere which makes it easy to stay in touch with others.
  • It is equipped with a spam filter so that users can easily detect unwanted and virus-infected emails and stop them from entering the user’s inboxes.

Two Possible Ways to Import Multiple VCF Files to Hotmail

Here in this part of this blog, we start the discussion of the process where you can see the working of both the procedure we talk about the manual and the automated professional solution. A user needs an advanced method to successfully perform the task of transferring contacts to Hotmail. We will study this process in two ways, namely the free method and the professional method.

#Method1:   Manual Trick – Transfer vCard Contacts to Hotmail Account

Note: You must first export your contacts to your computer and then convert them to the most compatible file format.

  • Open “File Explorer” on your computer and select the “Contacts” folder.
  • Select “Import” displayed at the top of the page
  • After that, Click the “vCard” (VCF File) option and press “Import”.
  • Locate the contacts you saved on your System, select the .vcf file, and click “Open.”
  • Click OK for any contact you want to convert as Excel supported file to import VCF file to Hotmail.
  • Once the process is complete, Choose the “Close” button.
  • Next, you will find “Export” located at the top of the File Explorer page.
  • Click the file type “CSV” and press “Export”
  • Click the Browse button and enter a name for the resulting file
  • Enter a name for your .csv file in the “File Name” field.
  • Click all the fields you want to export as an Excel file format and click Finish.

#Method 2:  A Professional Way– Import Multiple vCard Files to Hotmail

Using manual instructions to complete a task is not a good option for any users. You Can take the help of VCF to CSV Converter Tool to solve all these problems. It supports transferring vCard files to Hotmail-supported CSV file format. After that, you can easily import the generated CSV file into Hotmail. It allows the transfer of all vCard files to CSV format.

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This tool can convert desktop and cloud email client VCF to CSV format. This tool allows users to import multiple vCard files to Hotmail as well as multiple VCF files in batches. This utility enables to move of VCF contact files in large to separate files without losing related information

Note: You can use the demo version to export only some contacts from VCF file to CSV format. For more you have to buy the full version of the software.

Follow the Steps to Understand the vCard to CSV Format Process:

  • Run the Software & load VCF or vCard File
load VCF or vCard File
  • Choose the CSV file and click on “Browse”
Click on the “Browse
  • Click on the Export Button
choose  CSV Format then Export tab

Step 2: Convert CSV File to Hotmail

  • First, sign in to your Hotmail Account
  • Click the “People” icon and the “Contacts” button will open.
  • Hit the Manage tab and you’ll see a dropdown.
  • Select the Contact File to import from the drop-down menu.
  • Then navigate through the converted file and upload it to the Import Contacts window.
  • After downloading the file, click Import.
  • Import Multiple vCard Files to Hotmail is now successful

Some Amazing Features of the Tool

  • Users can easily sort multiple contacts alphabetically, or by size and date.
  • Provides the option to split large VCF and merge multiple VCF files
  • No limit on the number of contacts to import
  • Compatible with Outlook, G Suite, iCloud, Skype, etc.
  • Support VCF or vCard file versions such as vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0
  • One can easily run this software on Mac & Windows OS devices including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.
  • This is a completely standalone application, no need to install any external application.
  • This software provides a 100% Safe and risk-free solution

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Moving vCard files to Hotmail is no easy task. Therefore, in the above section, we have provided two methods: manual and automated solutions. You can choose the method which is suitable for you. This method is perfect if you choose the manual method but it also has several drawbacks and there is a fear of losing data, so we recommend that you choose the powerful Converter software tool to import multiple vCard files to Hotmail.