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How To Merge Multiple VCF Files Using Different Methods?

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Summary: This write-up is belong to the query and its solution.  We talk about the most searched query to merge multiple VCF files by using multiple solutions. Also, we mentioned some user queries which was aked by our team. You will get a manual and automated solution for the accurate solution, you can select the solution as per your requirement.

VCF files have eased up the process of sharing contacts from one device to another. However, managing multiple VCf files can be a problem, especially in the case of a huge number of files. Users face difficulty while searching, sharing, and migrating these files into email clients. However, these problems can be solved by merging multiple multiple VCF files.

User Queries Regarding this Problem:

Query 1: “I have decided to sell my laptop. Before that, I was going through all the VCF files stored in my system. I found out that there are almost 500 vCard files on my laptop. I want to merge multiple VCF files into one file so that it will be easy to share and view. If anyone knows how to merge multiple vCard files, kindly share the method. Thanks in advance.”

Query 2: “A few days ago,  I was about to import VCF files to my Gmail account. But I found out that Gmail does not support bulk import of vCard files. So, I have to import all VCf files one by one. It will be a hectic process as I have more than 200 VCF files. I was thinking of merging all the vCard files into one file and then uploading it to Gmail. Unfortunately, I do not know how to combine VCF files.”

The situations portray the problems caused by a large number of vCard files. As mentioned earlier, merging multiple vCard files can be a good solution to these issues. This post will describe how to join many VCF files to make one vCard file. We will now proceed to the merging procedure of VCF files and view the vCard file effortlessly.

Merge Multiple VCF Files Using Different Methods

Users want to combine VCF files for different reasons. If you are one of them, try executing them. We will learn two different methods of joining VCF files.

Method 1: Manually Join Multiple VCF Files

The problem of having multiple VCF files can be solved by merging them into a single vCard file.

Follow these steps to merge multiple vCard files into one by joining them.

  • First of all, copy all the vCard files you want to merge into a single folder.
  • Press Windows + R keys together and type “cmd” in the box. This will open the Windows command prompt on your system.
  • Navigate to the folder where the vCard files have been stored.
  •  Now, enter this command: copy *.vcf all.vcf.
  • All files will be merged into one vCard file. It will be named as all. vcf.

Users can use this new VCF file for any purpose including sharing and importing to email clients.

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Method 2: Automatic Solution To Merge Multiple VCF Files

The manual method of this process requires constant supervision of the users. But there is an alternative solution where VCF merging can be done automatically.

SysTools VCF Split & Merge Tool is the best tool to Split VCF Files Into Multiple Contacts and convert multiple vCard files into one file that allows users to preview all the content of these vCard files.

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This program can sort the contacts of multiple contact VCF files by date, size, or alphabetical order. Moreover, it supports 4.0, 3.0, and 2.1 versions of VCF files. This application runs all versions of Windows OS.

5 Quick Steps to Merge Multiple VCF Files

  • Download and Install the software to combine vCard files into one file.

install the software

  • Next, choose “Add File” or “Add Folder”.

add file & add folder option

  • Choose the “Export” or “Export Selected”.

export button

  • Then, choose the “Merge vCard” option and select the version of vCard files from Advance settings.

merge vcard option

  • After selecting locations for the exported VCF files, click on the “Export” button.

export option


Here Are Some of the vCard Merge Tool:

  • Merge multiple VCF files into one vCard
  • Options to open, read and view bulk vCard files
  • Capable of converting VCF files into PDF & CSV files
  • Shows the number of contacts within a single VCF file
  • Also performs splitting of vCard files when required
  • Provides different viewing modes: Vertical & Horizontal
  • Compatible with 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0 vCard file versions


You can be one of the people who want to merge multiple VCF files. The above-given approach used to combine more than one vCard file will help users in many ways. Users can take the help of this post to perform the vCard merging procedure. We have described two methods to combine VCF files. Users can choose the manual method, or they can try the cited tool to automatically join all VCF files. the program will merge any number of VCF files into a single one.