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Know How to Import Samsung Contacts to Outlook Easily and Quickly

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Published On August 25th, 2021
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There are many smart phones available in the market. Samsung is one of the major producers of smart phones. A maximum number of users are using these mobile phones. It supports Android operating system that comes with various features in terms of compatibility with other applications. Samsung’s operating system is based on Linux Kernel which makes it platform independent. It is easy to move the data from Samsung phone to applications like MS Outlook. But still many users are facing problems to import Samsung contacts to Outlook.

User Queries:

“Hello! I bought a Samsung mobile phone. I am new to the technologies and features provided by the Samsung. I am curious to know about the compatibility of my phone to other applications in terms of sharing contacts so as to backup my data. I heard a lot that Samsung is famous for its platform independent OS in mobile phones. I want to save my contacts into my PC. Please suggest me. Thanks a lot for your contribution!”

“Hey! I am a Samsung user and I have hundreds of contacts saved in my mobile phone. Now my phone’s memory is running out of space and I need to save those contacts to somewhere else as soon as possible. I am also using Outlook as my primary email client. I want to import Samsung contacts to Outlook. Please help me before it gets too late. Thanks in Advance!”

Instant Solution: Try SysTools vCard Importer tool in order to import Samsung VCF to Outlook easily and quickly. It offers advanced features to import Android VCF to Outlook.

Method for Transferring Contacts from Samsung to Outlook

There are a variety of mobile phones produced by Samsung and all have different interface and features. Follow simple steps to move all the contacts from Samsung mobile phone to MS Outlook:

  1. Go to the Address book in Contacts application and select Contacts tab.
  2. Now open the menu in your Samsung mobile by clicking on the menu button.
  3. Then choose Import/Export option.
  4. After that, click on Export to SD Card option.
  5. Now connect your mobile phone to your system using USB. Look for the contacts file saved to the SD card. You can check the contact file with .vcf extension. Now copy all the exported contacts from SD card to your PC or desktop.
  6. Use vCard Importer tool to move Samsung contacts to Outlook by following steps:
    1. Download and launch the application. Click on Import option directly.
    2. Now browse and select the saved VCF file from your system.
    3. The application provides three options to create PST file of Outlook. In the first option, you can convert vCard to PST without any Outlook profile. In the second option, you can create import vCard file to existing PST files that are configured to Outlook. In the last option, you can create a new PST file and import the contacts.
    4. After that, all your contacts will move from Samsung mobile phone to MS Outlook.

Prominent Features of the Software to Sync Samsung Phone Contacts to Outlook

There are various features supported by the software. This tool saves your time and efforts and executes the process quickly. Let’s discuss some of the features of the application:

  • It is possible to import bulk vCard contacts to MS Outlook PST file.
  • The software provides three import options. A user with or without Outlook profile can also import his contacts to MS Outlook. One can save the contacts in new or existing Outlook profile or a user can also create new PST file.
  • You need to install MS Outlook in your system to import Samsung contacts to Outlook.
  • There is no limitation on the number of files imported to Outlook.
  • If there are multiple email ids and phone numbers in vCard contacts then also a user can easily transfer contacts from Samsung mobile phone to Outlook.


In this article, we have discussed queries asked by many Samsung users to know how to transfer Samsung contacts to Outlook or to backup the contacts on the desktop for further use. User can try the approach mentioned in the article for successful execution of Import process. One can import Samsung contacts to Outlook easily with the help of this tool.