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A to Z Guide on How to Fix Lotus Notes Failed to Start Error

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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In this technical blog, we are going to discuss the possible reasons along with how to resolve the issue of Lotus Notes failed to start successfully error. So, stick with this blog if you want to resolve this issue form your Lotus Notes

Well, we know that Lotus Notes is the most widely used email application. And many organizations using it because it comes with various security features. But, if we compare Lotus Notes with other email applications, then it is also receptive to corruption. And we know that any issue in the email application will affect your workflow. So it is very important for users to resolve this issue. Now, before proceeding toward a solution let’s find out the reason behind this issue.

Reasons Behind Lotus Notes Failed to Start Issue

  • The culprit for the issue is Lotus Notes 9.0.1 FP9. Yes, you heard it right when users move from their current Lotus Notes edition to Notes 9.0.1 FP, then they enter a password, they unable to launch IBM Notes and an error occurs on a screen after some time as shown in the image:
  • The main reason behind the happening of error is when a user tries to install Notes and notes.exe not able to run as a result of which Lotus Notes app does not load properly.

Note: The IBM Notes failed to start successfully is a random issue and it does not occur on all IBM Notes environments or Domino Server.

How to Fix Lotus Notes Failed to Start Manually

Basically, after this issue, it is noted in SPR ATHNAZ2H55 as NSD does not have call stacks for Lotus Notes on Win 10. And, after that it is fixed on Notes 9.0.1 FP10 IF6 so you can download it from the URL given below:


Fix 1: Install the Lotus Notes app as a Windows Administrator.

Fix 2: Use Notes 9.0.1 FP8 in spite of 9.0.1 and wait till you upgrade to FP10 IF6.

Fix 3: Run your Lotus Notes email client in basic mode.

Fix 4: Exit from the IBM Lotus Notes application. And copy Lotus Notes JVM Folder from multi-user installation and again start the Notes.

Fix 5: Exit from Lotus Notes. Delete Notes JVM folder, have CMS push the client to the same system. After it completed, start Lotus Notes again to check if it is properly working or not.

Fix 6: Exit Notes, have CMS push the client to the same machine again, and once this thing completed, restart Notes

Alternative Way to Get Rid of Lotus Notes Failed to Start Issue

When users start facing this issue then they will start reporting this issue and the good part is that is now fixed. So, first, you need to try them. If the error “IBM Notes failed to start successfully Windows 10” appears again, then it is possible that the issue is somewhere that exists in the NSF file. So, in that situation, you have to look for an alternative way to recover all your Lotis Notes date. Because it is very both professional and business communication.

Hence, n this section we are going to introduce the best and NSF email management utility that is NSF Converter. This tool can easily export all your Lotus Notes in three file format such as EML, MSG, and MBOX. It also exports Lotus Notes contacts and calendar data too without losing a bit of data in a few steps:

1. First, download the tool and install it on your machine

2. Now choose Select NSF File(s) radio button and add NSF files

3. Choose an Export option as per your choice

4. From Categories Option choose options such as Mail, Contacts, and Calendar

5. Select the Advance Option and then destination location

6. At last click on the Export button to start the process

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There are many users who encountered the error “Lotus Notes failed to Start” when they try to launch it on the system. So, in the above blog, we have discussed how to fix the error “IBM Notes failed to start successfully” error. In addition, if any users are not able to fix the issue, then, in that case, they use the third-party application that is discussed above. And export their crucial data into an accessible file format.