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Merge Outlook 2007 PST Files into One

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If you are an Outlook users and planning to merge Outlook 2007 PST files into a single one. Then this blog will guide you step by step to accomplish this task. Here you will get to know the solution of how to merge two PST files into one using manual and automated solution which is Outlook PST File Merge Tool. Before starting this discussion let’s take an overview of Outlook and the need of combining multiple PST files into one.

MS Outlook is the most popular and used email client application. Users have multiple email accounts in Outlook to do their work. Sometimes, users have multiple PST from different accounts and different versions. Now, it is difficult to the users to manage PST files that’s why they need to combine them all into a single PST file.

Need to Merge Outlook PST Files

There can be many reasons when user needs to merge their several PST files into a single file. Some of the reason are as follows;

  • User want to handle and manage their multiple account PST files into one
  • To combine ANSI PST with UNICODE into a single UNICODE type PST
  • Want to share a single PST file to someone without file size issues
  • To prevent Outlook data from loss or accidental deletion

How to Merge Outlook 2007 PST Files?

Generally, there is no direct option or features in Outlook application that can be used to merge two PST files into one. But no need to worry, using some indirect method you can accomplish this task. To perform this task, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Make a PST File in Outlook

  • Open your Outlook application and click New Items >> More Items >> Outlook Data File
create pst file
  • Choose the location to save the New PST file and click OK.
create a new pst file

Step 2: Merge Outlook PST Files Using Import Option

  • Click the File tab
  • Click on “Open & Export” and select “Import/Export”
import pst
  • From the Import and Export Wizard, choose “Import from another program or file”
import from another program or file
  • Hit the Next button to proceed
  • Click “Outlook Data File” and then click Next
outlook data file
  • “Browse” for a PST file which you want to merge and check “do not Import duplicates”
merge outlook pst without duplicates
  • “Select the folder to import from” and check “Include Subfolders” option
merge outlook pst files
  • Select “Import items into the same folder in” and click “Finish” button.

Why Manual Solution for Merging PST files Not Preferred?

The manual steps above are completely free to merge Outlook 2007 PST files into one. However, the overall process is very time consuming and difficult to perform for beginners who do not have much technical knowledge. If you want to merge more PST files, you need to repeat step 2 for each PST file as Outlook supports to import one PST file at a time. There is a high chance that data will be corrupted and deleted if you take a single step incorrectly.

Is There any Alternate Solution to Overcome the Limitations?

Yes, luckily PST Merge software is available that especially designed to merge two PST files as well more PST files into one. This application is easy to use and enables users to securely merge Outlook PST files in just a few simple clicks. It offers three different option for merging such as merge in New PST, Existing PST and Outlook Profile. The software also has option to remove duplicates.

It supports to combine PST files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and other old versions. The utility is capable to works with all types of PST files including ANSI and UNICODE. Along with this, it supports to merge archive PST, password-protected file, network and active PST files. The best thing about this tool is that you can combine password protected PST without typing or entering the password.

Steps to Merge Outlook 2007 PST Files are as follows;

Step 1. Download and Install PST Merge software on the system.

Step 2. Click on Add Files or Folders to load PST files.

add pst files or folder

Step 3. Choose the required option: Join or Merge.

merge or join pst files

Step 4. Select Merge Outlook PST files in New, Existing PST or Outlook Profile.

merge outlook pst files

Step 5. Check the required mailbox items and hit the Next button.

merge outlook 2007 pst files

It’s Done. This is overall steps you need to perform to merge two PST and multiple PST files into a single one. Once the process is completed, you will receive the message on your software screen.

This application also has multiple advanced features that helps users to do their job as per their needs. Some of them are-

  • Merge Outlook data files including emails, calendar, contacts, etc.
  • Capable to merge PST files without Outlook by selecting merge in new PST option.
  • Option to split large PST files into small size while combining multiple PST files into one.
  • Users can include/exclude deleted items and junk folder for merging.
  • Remove duplicates from contacts, emails, calendars, tasks, notes and journals.
  • Works with all Windows Operating System versions including latest Windows 10.

Author Suggestion

For Outlook data management, users want to merge Outlook PST files into a single file. Therefore, here we have explained the solution to merge Outlook 2007 PST files using manual and automated methods. Now you can choose one of the method that suits your needs.