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Solution for Moving from Office 365 to Google Apps

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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Are you planning to switch from Office 365 to Google Apps but afraid of losing any users’ data? If so, then stop scratching your head because this write up provides you the perfect solution. Here, we have introduced some simple methods that help in moving from Office 365 to Google Apps. So, let’s get started.

One-Stop Solution: With O365 to G Suite Migration tool users can easily perform the data migration from Office 365 to G Suite. All emails, contacts, calendars, and documents can be easily migrated by the software. Download it from below:


Scenarios Demanding for Data Migration of Office 365 Users to Google Apps

There are many scenarios wherein you would want to perform office 365 to google apps migration. Either you want to migrate only emails or complete mailbox data items. Some of the scenarios that demand the migration are given below:

  • The organization is planning to switch from One Domain (O365) to another (G Suite)
  • The organization is splitting to subparts & changing their domains to G Suite
  • The user is switching to a new one organization using G Suite

Apart from this, there are many benefits of G Suite. Some of them are:

  • G Suite has simple user-friendly interface
  • It is having more reliable hosting platform
  • Provides a wide range of integrations & add-ons that gives the best experience.

User Query: Hello everyone, recently a few days back I have been assigned with a urgent work. My task is to find the most prominent method that helps in moving from Office 365 to Google Apps. Recently, our organization is planning to split up into different sub-organizations. So we started planning to switch some Office 365 users to the G Suite domain. I read many solutions provided online but none of them found to be useful. Can anyone help me by suggesting a simple & cost-efficient solution to perform this migration task?

Recommended Solution for Moving from Office 365 to Google Apps

Office 365 to G Suite Migration software is the most advanced program that can migrate multiple Office 365 users to G Suite. All emails, contacts, calendars, documents can be easily migrated to the G Suite account. For the early migration of specific user data, the software gives the priority option. Along with this, it provides several other advantageous features that make the migration process efficient.

Highlighted Features of the Software

  • Three options to add users i.e. Fetch Users, Import Users, & Download Template
  • Option to enable to disable migrate document permissions/user group mapping
  • Date filter to migrate users data of specific date range
  • Delta migration support to move new or modified data
  • Keeps folder hierarchy intact even after moving Office 365 to Google Apps
  • Provides the facility to select specific users for the migration
  • Creates a summary and detailed report after the completion of the migration process

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Why to Choose this Software for Office 365 to Google Apps Migration?

There are other reasons also to use this software for moving from Office 365 to Google Apps i.e.

1- Provides 3 modes for re-run migration i.e

Retry Failed Items: With this mode migrate all those items that are failed to be migrated in the initial run.

Re-Run Full Migration: This will re-run all the categories that may have skipped during the initial run.

Delta Migration: This mode will migrate only new or modified data from O365 to Google Apps

2- Concurrent Migration: It is the most important feature provided by the software for moving from Office 365 to Google Apps. It enables the user to set the maximum number of users that will be migrated concurrently per project.

3- Generates real-time migration status in three different stages i.e. Pending, Processing, Completed.

4- Provides two view options to view mailbox data i.e. List View & Tile View.

Working Steps to Migrate Office 365 to Google Apps

Step 1: Download & Run the software on Windows OS

Step 2: Choose the Mailbox Items and Apply Date Filter

Step 3: Enter “Office 365” admin credential & click on Validate

Step 4: Also, add “G Suite” admin credential & click Validate

Step 5: Click on Validate after fetching user accounts

Step 6: Hit, the Start Migration button to begin platform migration


As we know there are many different approaches for moving from Office 365 to Google Apps but it is always best to consider what works best for you. The user has to select the one that full fills his/her requirement. Here, we have elaborated on one such application that completes the Office 365 data migration to Google Apps migration without any hindrance. The utility just requires simple steps to be followed to carry out the migration process. So go for it.

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