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What is OLM to EML Converter? Know How to Migrate Mac Mail to .eml


When Outlook data files get archiving the result data files will be in the form of .olm file format. The OLM file format will be embedded with the data items like emails, contacts, tasks, calendar etc. OLM files can only be used in the Mac machines but if the users wished to access in the other email client application users must convert the files to another file format so that they could access that file in different email client application. One such file format is that the .eml file format. But there is no direct manual method to do so. So, this article is discussed with how to convert OLM to EML file format without any data loss.

Here the conversion can be made through the use of automated methods. There is a wide range of automated method available in the market. But to choose the best one it is better to choose one of the best converters, here it is the OLM Recovery. But before moving to it lets see the need and advantages of this conversion.

Necessary Conditions to Convert OLM to EML File FormatWhy OLM to EML

To know the necessary condition it is better to know users requirements. Therefore, here it is examined the need for users. Check the below-mentioned user queries to know the importance of the OLM to EML Conversion.

  •  Hi, I was a using Mac machine but suddenly a day my machine encountered some problem with hardware failure. So, I switched to Windows and I have installed the Windows-based Outlook too but I need the Outlook files on my Mac machine. So, can anybody please help me to migrate Outlook 2011 Mac file to EML.
  • I am facing issues with my Mac Outlook file so I have decided to switch to Mozilla Thunderbird. I don’t want to lose my file so to access my data which was in Mac 2011. I would like to transfer the .olm file to .eml. So, that I could access it from the Thunderbird application.

Advantages of OLM to EML conversion?

  •  The .eml file format is universally valid file extension.
  • .eml file format is compatible with major Windows email client application (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.) and also Linux.
  • EML files are versatile file format which can be used for both personal and professional usage.
  • The .eml file format can store multiple values or items which includes emails, contacts, message, notes and also includes journals.

Major Hurdles During OLM to EML Conversion

There are wide varieties of third-party tool available in the market to do the OLM to EML conversion. But the conversion process in all will be different and this will result in a complicated situation while the conversion of OLM files. Some of the major challenges are discussed below.

If the users have selected the wrong choice of their third-party tool then their OLM file will get corrupted during the processing of the tool. This will be so frustrating for the users and they get hopeless to access those data.

Loss of data integrity of Outlook OLM file is another problem. The generated files may not be matching with the user’s expectations. Also, users may face data loss after the conversion.

Get an Instant Solution:

OLM to EML Conversion – A Shortcut Way

  • Download the OLM Recovery to convert .olm files to .eml. Now, launch it in your PC.Launch OLM Recovery
  • Add the Mac OLM file to your wizard and then initiate the export process, but before that you need to find the .olm files from your PC.Add OLM files
  • Then, begin the export process and then provide the desired Mac Outlook file. Here, you could do the naming conventions too. OLM Recovery - Naming Convention
  • When the file has been converted you can preview the converted items and also could save for the future use.converted .olm files


OLM to EML conversion manually is quite complicated process the manual method can’t be seen directly. Therefore, the conversion process is discussed in its detailed manner by using a professional solution.

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