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Prevention Tips to Protect Your Organization Data Breach Incidents

Published By Kumar Raj
Aswin Vijayan
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Published On September 5th, 2018
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A popular health insurance firm i.e., Anthem in United States announced a data breach incident. Health plans of 80 million employees and customers were affected, as per the report of the Wall Street Journal. Attackers were able to access birth dates, addresses, names, employment data, social security number, etc. Apart from this disaster, there is the name of several big companies who had faced information leakage incidents over the last few years. Now a question arises that how to curtail data breach incidents, especially in the era of 2018 where no one knows the hacker’s next target? To answer out this question, here we are with this post to tell readers that what exactly is causing cloud storage security issues. After this, one will find data breach prevention measures, which are suggested for cloud security experts from all around the world.

Causes Behind Increase in Data Security Issues

IT security engineers and specialists having sophisticated type of knowledge are useful only to protect & defend against the sophisticated Cyberattacks. However, it is difficult to find an IT engineer who is having tech talent with cloud data security skills. Well, the problem is becoming complicated because of the following factors:

  • Business Market Competition – The competition of business in every domain is high and increase day-by-day. Each business wants to prove themselves THE BEST in the marketplace. In such case, they might defeat another competitor either by hook or crook.
  • Finance Problem in IT Business – The employees having talent of growing an IT industry with skills of cloud security, demand for high scale of salary. It is not possible for every organization to appoint such employees. Therefore, they do not hire such workers and carry on their business with normal IT persons.
  • Outdated Security Technology – Organization’s staff get so much engaged in their work that they forget to pay attention towards their security software and services. This leads to no updation in the security level and hence, allow hackers to attack easily with their advanced technologies.

Prevention Measures Against Data Breach Incidents

Below illustrated are the core steps for enterprises, which are to be taken for protecting the confidential records from major information breach:

  • Appoint A Cybersecurity Specialist – Train your business employees with prior information leakage incidents by appointing a Cybersecurity specialist to give a session. This session should talk about the best practices and measures to hold data security at the top of the mind. The most workable idea is to educate and update yourself with latest Cybercrimes and, ensure that the adopted protection measures are at their correct place.
  • Restrict Using Personal Accounts – Restrict all working staff of your firm from working with their personal email ids. It is so because if an attacker acquires access to any one of the employee’s personal account, he or she might gain access to business records. So, it is better to stop accessing personal email profiles in business to avoid data breach incidents.
  • Take Reference for FINRA Checklist – There is a definite set of Cybersecurity checklist on the official website of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Every firm whether small, medium or large, should frequently adopt them by taking a deep analysis on existing data protection measures and going along with the updates in the FINRA checklist. This checklist also offers a planning chart to deal with information leakage incidents.
  • Impose the Restrictions on Data Access – Majority of the data breach incidents do not lye under the category of sophisticated attacks. In the case of human errors, attackers get entry through the front door of the firm. Therefore, enterprises should timely ensure the confidential information accessed by employees. Also, they should restrict the use of vital data that is important to prevent sudden leakage due to human errors.
  • Gradually Impart A Sense of Urgency – In several situations, enterprises do not have to use more and more advanced procedures for prevention against a breach. It is so because lack of the awareness among employees leads to the cause of information leakage incidents. For sure the information will be encrypted automatically if organizations have adopted Cybersecurity technique. But here comes the demand for an enhanced sense of urgency program. The purpose of this service is to control data through the establishment of proper training and process.

CloudCodes – All-In-One Solution To The Problem

The above 5 prevention ideas to curtail data leakage incidence are the basic ones. But today’s Cyberattacks cannot be stopped only by normal or basic techniques. This means that there’s a major demand for a solution that provides security not only from the present Cyber threats but, also from the coming ones. Going for manual tricks will be too much complicated, diverting a business mind towards security rather than their growth. Therefore, here we suggest you go for cloud security solution providers, available easily in the market. One of the best online security vendors in digitization world is CloudCodes. This provider offers a consolidated screen to manage all the security stuff at one place and make things systematic to control. It also provides real-time monitoring system, allowing industry to learn that what operations are carried away with their data. One can try the demo service of this solution and if find suitable, go for it to curtail data breach incidents.