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Learn How to Recover Corrupted CorelDRAW x6 File Using Different Methods

How to Recover Corrupted CorelDRAW x6 File

CorelDRAW is an application or tool which is used for vector graphics. The CorelDRAW is developed to edit the two- dimensional images like logos, posters etc. Also, its suite is possessed with CorelDRAW along with Bitmap image editor, Corel Photo-Paint and also used for many other graphics related utilities. The use of CorelDRAW in many application will lead to file corruption or it may occur some kind of errors. So, the repair and resolution become the mandatory task. Therefore, this task is discussed how to recover corrupted CorelDRAW x6 file also solve error reading CDR file.

File Extension in CDR File

Normally the CDR file is used for the vector graphics and its file format is .cdr and it is used in the CorelDRAW. The file which is in the .cdr file extension can be accessed in CorelDRAW utility and also for the other Corel software. For the earlier version of the CorelDRAW the .cdr file format could be primarily used for vector graphics drawings. Those .cdr file were recognized by the “WL”.

CorelDRAW utility is a convenient software for opening the CDR files. Not only that this utility will help the users to reduce the risk of data loss. The below section shows how the CDR file can be opened.

Steps To Open CDR File

  • If CorelDRAW application is not installed then first install it and then run the software simultaneously.
  • If the users have no CorelDRAW application then first install it and then run the software simultaneously.
  • If the user has the CorelDRAW application then the user must double click on the .cdr files or simply drag the file to open instance of the CorelDRAW utility.

Corruption Issues in CDR File

The issues in the file or the file corruptions has many issues behind it The main reason for corrupted CorelDRAW x6 files are mentioned follow:

  • One of the main reason for the data file corruption may due to when the user tries to save bulk files on a network.
  • Another reason for getting file corruption is due to the sudden crashes and also due to if users not saved the file properly.
  • IF the document is saved in the older version and if the user tries to open in the latest version then the file will not get accessed. This may lead to file corruption.

How to Recover Corrupted CorelDRAW x6 File Manually

Make Backup must be enabled by the users this could lead the users to find the TMP and CDR files. To perform the manual procedure see the below steps:

  • There are cases that the users can find the necessary file, if that is the case then it can be assumed that the .cdr file is corrupted. While that case the users has to check their temp folder for the file like “xxx.cdr.tmp”. After that, the user must create a solo copy or a replicate file and then rename it to “recovered-file.cdr”. This is the one method so that the corrupted file can be recovered.
  • In some other case, the above solution may get failed and the users may not be able to repair or recover corrupted CorelDRAW x6 files. If the users have the CorelDRAW versions like x4, x5 then the file has chances to get fail from this recovery option even before the performance of the recovery process. If that is the case then it is better to opt alternative resolution process.

How to Recover Corrupted CorelDRAW x6 File Using an Expert Solution

The above field of this article it is discussed the CDR file format, its corruption and also discussed the manual recovery methods of the corrupted .cdr file. Anyhow he manual procedure is a complicated one. Also, if the user needs this resolution process a fast as possible then it won’t be full filled by the manual procedure. Therefore, to recover it fully it is necessary to opt a professional tool one such tool is the SysTools CDR Recovery this resolution mechanism is used to recover CorelDraw file within minimum time without any loss of data.


These days the .cdr file corruption is encountering and it is considered as a normal common issue. To eliminate the damage or corruption issue it has been discussed how to recover corrupted CorelDraw x6 file. Also, the above section of the blog has discussed both manual and automated resolution process to overcome the corrupted file. Due to the data loss and the high time consumption, the recovery utility has the more advantage over the manual methods.

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