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Lotus Notes Error 1325 Issue – Resolved

Lotus Notes Error 1325

Organizations use Lotus Notes, an email client, to enhance their business. The working of the organization is badly affected when something goes wrong in IBM Lotus Notes. One of the common errors that crop up is the Lotus Notes Error 1325- is not a valid file name.

Symptoms of Lotus Notes Install Error 1325

  • Direct display of message “Error 1325- is not a valid file name”
  • The local machine freezes for a few seconds while working
  • Response to keyboard and mouse entry is late
  • The currently active window abruptly closes
  • A complete system crash occurs when a program is running

Reasons for Lotus Notes Error 1325

There are several reasons for this error, the main reason includes-

  • When there is an error in the Windows registry especially in the NSF files, then such error message is displayed
  • When there is improper installation of Lotus Notes, then this error crops up.
  • When Lotus Notes is installed from uncertain source, then there are possibilities of this error
  • When the user has unintentionally deleted any of the Lotus Notes files then the error message is displayed.

Any of the above reasons might be the cause for the Lotus Notes Error-1325. Hence, it is advisable that the exact reason for the error be known first. An appropriate solution may be chosen accordingly to resolve the error issue.

Instant Solution: If in case you are not able to fix Lotus Notes Error 1325 then the only option left is to convert Lotus Notes all data items to different file format or email client. For that, you can choose a third party tool i.e SysTools Mail Migration Wizard. The tool migrates Lotus Notes / Domino Mailboxes to Live Exchange Server, Outlook & Office 365.

Manual Methods to Resolve Error 1325 is not a valid file name

Method 1: To fix the corrupted Windows Registry

  • In the search box, type Run
  • In the Run Windows, type regedit and hit the Enter key
  • Click on File tab -> Export button
  • Select the destination location where you save the file with REG extension
  • Double-click on the REG extension. This tries to restore the information in the registry.

This is a quick-fix manual method to resolve the issue. But in this, there are chances that the data may be lost. Hence it is suggested that the user try this with a third-party registry cleaner tool that is efficient and helps in proper restoration of the Windows registry.

Method 2: To update all drivers of PC

The error issue may crop up due to outdated or damaged drivers. Thus, it is necessary that all the drivers of PC be updated. The steps to update the drivers are-

  • On your local computer, open Control Panel
  • Click on Device Manager option
  • Right-click on the device and click on Properties icon
  • Select the Update Driver Software option

Thus your driver software gets updated.

Method 3: To perform complete system scan

In order to detect any virus on the computer, it is necessary that you run a complete scan of the system and fix any malware if found. This can be done by installing good anti-virus software which may be provided with the operating system or can be purchased from a third-party provider.

Method 4: To uninstall Lotus Notes Application and reinstall it

  • Go to Control Panel -> Program Features
  • Click on Lotus Notes application entry
  • Click on the Uninstall option
  • Download the complete setup again from any trusted source and reinstall it.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

The manual method is definitely not a sure shot method to resolve the issue of Lotus Notes Error 1325 is not a valid file name. This is because there are possibilities that the data is lost when you try to restore the corrupted Windows registry. Also, all the above methods are to be tried when you don’t succeed with one single method. The manual method is definitely time-consuming and tedious.


Considering the requirements of users to resolve the Lotus Notes Error 1325, we have discussed all the probable manual approaches to it. These are proven to be effective though not guaranteed methods.

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