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How to Split NSF File: Break/Divide Oversized Lotus Notes Archive File


Ever given it a thought, what will happen if the size of NSF file is increased. Well, this question can lead you in a state of procrastination. The only solution left is to split NSF file into smaller files as it becomes very difficult to manage the data if the size is increased. It may even lead to issues related to corruption. Henceforth, it becomes necessary to take proper step to resolve the issues related to oversized NSF file.

Disclaimer: In this section, users would come to know regarding many topics related to the NSF file size, reduce size of .nsf file, maximum size of .nsf file, and how to split lotus notes .nsf file. So, go through the write-up to understand these imperatives clearly.

General Minutiae: Reduce Size of NSF File

Before going in depth regarding how to split Lotus Notes archive file, users should first understand what NSF archive files are. Moreover, users should be even aware of the fact how to divide/split NSF file in fragments. IBM Notes (formerly known as, Lotus Notes) provides many services that leads to high usage of data. Moreover, the data gets stored in NSF files. While working constantly on NSF files lead to large NSF file. All the large sized files are prone to corruption and even slows the performance of IBM Notes. To get rid of such problems, users can split huge sizes NSF file by dividing them in many parts.

What are NSF files?

NSF file maintains the data in a document cell namely Notes. It contains all the essential information i.e., emails, address book, users data, appointments, to-do lists, and many more. The NSF files are hosted by the Domino Server. The Domino Server synchronizes, edit, perform the changes and even modify the changes created by the user. The NSF files are basically a database supported by the IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Domino Server.
The default location of NSF File is C:\ProgramFiles\IBMNotes\Data

Users Query Section

“I am accessing Lotus Notes since 5 years. I was in a dilemma as my mailboxes were full and I wanted to cut/split Lotus Notes archive files. This question was giving me goose-bumps as it was very difficult to resolve the issue. I surfed many websites and I was unable to find any solution. My mailboxes were corrupted due to oversized .nsf files. Still, I am having the same problem. Is it possible to divide/break the NSF files into smaller files? I have a very little amount to time, will it be possible to split NSF files. Moreover, is there any automated solution to perform the process without any hassle?”

Ways to Split NSF file

Mentioned below are few methods that users must read for reducing size of NSF file. The methods are very easy to go through and perform the entire process.

Way 1: Manual to Divide Lotus Notes Archive File

The manual procedure includes only a step through which users can easily cut/break nsf file into smaller parts. It is done through a built-in feature that is drag and drop items. Using this option, users can easily split Lotus Notes archive file into smaller files. By this users can not divide .nsf file technically. It only performs a swapping function between the folders. This way only divides .nsf files to reduce the size of the folder. Users can make another file and move oversized .nsf file items to new file.

Way 2: Automated to Reduce NSF File to Smaller Parts

Users can even perform the conversion using an automated solution. By automated solution, users may heed towards the solution easily. So, to split NSF files users can easily use NSF file splitter tool. The utility is elegant in its own way. The tool provides following features which can make it more prominent from the others. Mentioned below are few of the features of the software that makes it robust one:

  • The application allows the users to divide NSF Database i.e., Archive, Mailbox, and contacts
  • The utility provides an option with the help of which Log Report can be generated
  • The Log Report generated provides an option to compare reduced and original files
  • The NSF Splitter/Cutter tool divides the file by three types i.e., Date, year, and folders
  • The utility allows the users to break NSF file of Domino Server also
  • Users need to install the Lotus Notes to divide large NSF file easily
  • The NSF Split product supports all the editions be it 9.0 or the below ones
  • The software is capable of splitting password protected NSF files too provided you know the password

The Final Note

To escape the corruption process or to overcome it users should try to divide the files into small parts. Moreover, users can even go through the automated solution to perform the task. So, we recommend users to give the above-mentioned tool a try to divide/split NSF file to smaller parts. The tool is robust enough and is designed with an efficient interface. Even, the tool has very simple designing algorithm that it is compatible with every version of Lotus Notes.