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Learn Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends 2018 & Its Benefits

Cloud Computing Trends 2018

In January 2018, CloudCodes organized a survey on the recent cloud computing trends based on PaaS and IaaS platforms. Till the year 2018, both public, as well as private cloud adoption, have grown in large business who are shifting on public cloud. Well, the outcome of the survey says that enterprises are keeping their information on public cloud and using it for their business growth. Not only this but, firms are also acquiring the stronger role of cloud governance that also involves the management costs.

Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends Key Findings From The Survey

We found following results while learning the cloud computing trends 2018:

1. Multi-Cloud is Preferred Among Firms

  • 81% percent of the organizations uses multi-cloud strategy.
  • In comparison to the year 2017, firms with the hybrid strategy decreased this year by 7%. This means that currently, 51% of organizations are using the public as well as private cloud.

2. 96% of the Respondents Utilize Cloud: The adoption of both private and public cloud increased in this year. There are 92% of respondents who are using the public cloud, which is actually an increase in percentage as compared to cloud computing trends of last year. Well, there are 96% respondents who are at least using public or private cloud for their work.

3. Majority Are Preferring Public Cloud: It is being found during the survey that organizations prioritize towards public cloud that changes 29% of the previous year to 38% in 2018. However, the hybrid cloud also exists but, this has decreased from 50% to 45% in 2018.

4. Work is Becoming Serverless this Year: A sufficient user number of the public cloud are leveraging the services just beyond the general storage, networking services, and computing. With the passing of every year, serverless was on the top-growing technique with 75% growth over the year 2017. The growth rate of container-as-a-service was is 36% i.e., from 14% it is now 19% in this cloud computing trends of 2018.

5. Increase in the Public Storage Cost: The cost of public cloud storage also increased with increase in the usage. Especially among the big organizations, now it is quickly becoming a new item in the list of IT budgets. Around 13% of the respondents, spent minimum $6 million yearly for using the public cloud services.

6. Firms with the Central Cloud Team: The cloud computing trends 2018 says that organizations are adopting cloud-first strategies. They are rapidly hiring a centralized team for cloud or a “Center of Excellence” for the same. The role of the team is to provide the management controls, resources, and flexible exercises for eliminating the risks of data breach. Currently, 44% percent of the organizations have already hired team for central cloud.

7. Substantial Waste Cloud Spending Makes the High Cost: It is no doubt in saying that managing the cloud pricing is quite challenging. It is so because the user underestimates the cost of the wasted cloud storage used. Organizations focus on acquiring the control over cost.

8. Development in the usage of the Configuration Tools: Organizations often decide configuration management software to automate and standardize the deployment and servers and program servers.

9. Azure Decides to Grow Constantly and Quickly: AWS decides to continue the service of providing public cloud to enterprises, but the problem is that other clouds are more better than this and known to users. For example, Microsoft Azure is now at the priority list of each and every enterprise around the world. Still, there are around 64% respondents who uses programs in AWS and the amazing part is that the percentage has increased this year i.e., from 57 of 2017 to 64 in 2018. However, Microsoft Azure perform even more better than this. Significantly from 43% to 58% the adoption is increased in this year. Well, doing the survey we found that most of the organization respondents are showing their most of the interest in Google also.

10. Adoption of Private Cloud Increases All Around: The cloud computing trends 2018 says that adoption of the private cloud has increased among all the providers. Vmware vSphere is also leading continuously with the adoption of 50% that was 42% in the last year. This comprises of the respondents who monitor the vSphere environment in form of private cloud – either it fulfills the definition of cloud computing or not.


The world is getting digital and so the usage of cloud computing in every field is also increasing. The cloud computing trends 2018 concludes that this generation is aware of the new technology of cloud and knows the benefits of using it. The interesting part is that organizations are also becoming aware of the security risks that are related to the cloud computing. They are adopting the best practices for cloud computing security and hence, keeping data safe in the cloud. Along with this, business is hiring an excellent team that is totally dedicated to the cloud data protection. It great that people around the world are aware of all this but, still corners are there where awareness needs to be spread. So, even if you are known for cloud computing and its security measures then, do share them and might be possible that you are saving one’s life.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 9 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.