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How to Move or Transfer Entourage Email to Another Computer

Transfer Entourage Email to Another Computer

“Recently I am using Entourage email and I am trying to copy all my saved emails to a new computer system. Therefore, I want to know that Is there any way to transfer Entourage email to another computer system?”

Migration from one email client to another is not an easy task but sometimes the user wants to switch to another system. Along with Entourage is a discontinued mail client that was developed by Microsoft for Mac users. It provides email messages, calendars, task, address book and so on. In addition, if users have a named identity then, they must need to switch from Entourage to a new one. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss the complete procedure to transfer Entourage database file from one Mac to another OS or not.

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Location of the Folder

Entourage first needs to install Microsoft User Data (MUD) folder within the User’s Document folder. In this folder “Main” Identity is available by default. All the emails, contacts, events, etc are stored in Entourage database file inside the Main Identity.

3 Ways to Transfer Entourage Email to Another Computer

Follow the steps to move data from Entourage mail client to another system discussed below:

Transfer Entourage Email to Another Computer Without MS Office Installed

1. First, you have to install MS Office and then, update it
2. Now, Open Entourage Mac and it will create a single folder of Microsoft User data and also a new blank Identity
3. Then, Quit Entourage mail
4. After that, you can replace the Mail Identity with the previous Mail Identity
5. Finally, you can Open the Entourage and then, find your old email messages as before

Transfer the Existing Identity to a New Computer

1. You can switch an entire Identity folder that you want to utilize to MS Office Identity folder. You can even have multiple Identities within the Office Identity folder. By default, the Identity is signified as “Main”. Make sure that rename only one folder and no need to overwrite. If you must have added scripts, keeping in mind to copy over your scripts in an Entourage Script Menu folder

Note: All versions of Entourage have their own Identity folder. Let’s suppose Entourage 2008 Identity resides within Office 2008 Identity folder.

2. In case, if you do not want to use the new Identity, remove it and just put your previous Identity folder inside the MUD folder. When you need to open Entourage mail then, it will get open in moved Identity.

3. New & Old Identity as follows:

In the Entourage menu, choose the “Switch Identity” option to see your original Identity folder

4. If you want to use it and then, combine a new mail with your original database file. Then, you find 2 options for Entourage:

Convert respective data as an Entourage archive (RGE file), “switch Identity” afterward import into another Identity folder. Drag a particular folder to the desktop from a single Identity. This will create a MBOX data file. Now, switch all the Identities. Then drag these files into the Entourage Window folder. Convert all the contacts as tab delimited file. Finally transfer the Identities and then, Import the Address Book.

Upgrade to the Latest Version of Entourage & Import All to a New Computer

Some of the Tips:

  • Before importing, you have to clean up your Entourage database file
  • Export your all the contacts
  • Make a copy of backup of your database

1. Copy the entire Microsoft User Data Folder to a new computer. Do not use index aliases while importing. No need to import the data from a networked computer. Then, transfer the entire data to a new desktop.
2. Now, you have to place MUD folder in the User’s document folder.
3. Whenever open the Entourage or Outlook, it will ask you that you wish to import emails from an older version.
4. Once you are totally satisfied with the upgrade version then, you have to delete the previous Identity folder.

Effortless Solution to Copy Entourage Database to Another System

As manual procedures stated above are quite complex and lengthy to perform so, the user can go for a reliable solution using a third party tool available i.e. Mac MBOX Converter. It is an amazing utility to export emails from Mac Entourage to PST format without any effort. Moreover, the best part about this utility is that one can perform the bulk conversion in just a few clicks. The software offers an easy-to-use interface even a novice user can also use it without any experts help.

Final Thoughts

Entourage was an email client and Personal Information manager for MAC platform. In Today’s date, it is not a popular email client. So, many users want to move from one email client to another program. Along with this, we have discussed three manual approaches to transfer Entourage email to another computer in an efficient manner. If above-mentioned ways become fail then, the user can opt an automated solution. It will allow the user to export Mac Entourage data to PST format without any difficulty. It is a one-stop solution, therefore, the user can use it without any doubt.

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