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How Can I Transfer Files from Google Drive to OneDrive – Tips & Tricks

transfer files from google drive to onedrive

Google Drive and OneDrive are the most sensational cloud storage services provided by the tech giants Google and Microsoft respectively. Both provides users with storage of data in cloud with a lot of security features. But due to several personal or professional reasons, users will have the tendency to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive account. This article mainly focuses on the reasons and methods for the migration of G Drive data to OneDrive.

User Query: “I have been using Google Drive for a long time and now I wish to change my cloud storage service to OneDrive due to personal reasons. I would like to transfer all the data residing in my G Drive account such as documents, sheets, images, etc. To the new OneDrive account. Is there any easy method to move files from Google Drive to OneDrive using simple steps? Any answers will be appreciated.”

Reasons to Migrate from GDrive to OneDrive

  1. OneDrive is capable of Cross platform syncing
  2. OneDrive service is best suitable for business collaboration purposes than GDrive
  3. OneDrive does not compromise on storage space whereas the storage space in Google account is being shared between Google+, Gmail & G Drive
  4. Unlike Google which is entirely browser based, MS Office has desktop apps
  5. The privacy policy of not scanning data or providing the same to third parties by Office
  6. Microsoft OneDrive has numerous pricing plans, unlike the single fixed pricing plan of Google
  7. Office platform is more familiar than Google which makes OneDrive a better option for cloud storage

Manual Method to Transfer Files From Google Drive to OneDrive:

google drive files to Onedrive

1. Manually Download & Upload G Drive Data to OneDrive

Step 1: Login to Google Drive account using the credentials
Step 2: Select the files which needs to be migrated
Step 3: Click on Download by which the files get downloaded to a local folder
Step 4: Sign in to OneDrive account and upload the files from local folder to it.

2. Using Google Takeout to Migrate from Gdrive to OneDrive

Step 1: Sign in to Google Drive account
Step 2: Go to Personal Information & Security >> Create Archive
Step 3: Select the data to be included in the archive from the listed Google products
Step 4: Click on Next and Choose the file type (.zip/ .tgz), Maximum Archive Size.
Step 5: Select Add to OneDrive as the delivery method and click on Link Account & Create Archive.
Step 6: Provide the OneDrive email id & Password on the Microsoft page that appears
Step 7: Migration starts which will take some time to get completed
Step 8: Login to the OneDrive accounts using the credentials
Step 9: Download the Zip file and extract the files

Using Google TakeOut archive is a really efficient option to move google-drive to OneDrive manually. Even though it is very much effective, it has several drawbacks as well.


  1. Smooth Internet Connection is mandatory
  2. Time Consuming
  3. Once interrupted the transfer, it couldnot be resumed.

Automated Solution for Google Drive to OneDrive Transfer

We can use GDrive to OneDrive Migrator so as to avoid the difficulties caused by the manual methods. The main features of this tool includes:

  1. Provision to transfer password protected documents from G Drive
  2. Maintains folder hierarchy while transferring Gdrive data to Onedrive
  3. Provides three types of permissions i.e., Read, Write & Comment
  4. Permits to change default permissions while moving the documents
  5. Option to Apply Date Filters on the drive files which are to be transferred to OneDrive
  6. Requires Smooth internet connection for the fast migration of data

Summing up:

It is always advisable to use a third party tool to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive due to the difficulties met as a result of using the manual methods. It compatible to work on all the current versions of Windows Operating System effortlessly.


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