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An Apt Methodology to Backup Hotmail to Hard Drive with an Ease

Hotmail to Hard Drive

Hotmail is an email application just like the Gmail. The users like professionals and the non-professionals use this application to send and receive the email messages. The Hotmail email application is also called as Outlook.com. To access this application the users must have a browser with Internet services. So the Hotmail services depend on the network connection too and to transfer the file it is also not that much easy. Therefore, people used to transfer their files from Hotmail to EML, PST, MBOX, MSG etc. Or to backup Hotmail to Hard Drive process is made to make it portable. Therefore, the below section is discussing how to save Hotmail emails to external hard drive by using a manual procedure.

Save All Hotmail Emails to Hard Drives as an EML File

To create a .eml file or to make a copy Hotmail messages to external hard drive follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, click and open the Hotmail email message which you want to save on your hard drive
  • Hit the down arrow next to Reply in the message header area and choose View message source.
  • Select all by clicking the “Ctrl +A” to select all message source’s text code.
  • Now copy the selected items by pressing “Ctrl+C” key
  • Now look if your browser let you to save the message as .eml file:
  • Now Select File >> Save as… (or use the command appropriate to your browser)
  • Rename of change the file name to “[subject].eml” or “eml.eml”.

Verify that your file extension is like .eml if your web browser insists on using .html or .htm to save then just follow the below one:

  • Be sure that your browser saves page source, save the file to your desktop or to any other folder on to your hard drive.

How to backup Hotmail emails to hard drives if copy Hotmail messages to external hard drive as a .eml file was not possible:

  • Click and open any open text editor which can be TexEdit, Notepad or Emaces.
  • Now make a new plain text document.
  • Now to paste the message source press Ctrl+V for the Windows and Linux or Command-V for the Mac.
  • Now save the document as a plain file on your System or save the file in another folder with .eml extension.
  • The user can use the message subject for example for the file name and save the message file using subject “Errors in Hotmail?” as “Errors in Hotmail.eml”.

Automated Solution to Backup Hotmail to Hard Drive

The above manual solution is not as simple as it looks. The users must follow the procedure as it is mentioned. But it will not guarantee the result which means even after if we use this manual procedure there may certain issues like access issue or some other. Therefore, it is better to opt a professional tool ie; Hotmail Backup tool which will help the users to save all Hotmail emails to hard drives. Also, to this will help to backup Hotmail to Hard Drive with different file format like EML, MSG, PST, MBOX. So that would help to access this file through the use of different email application.


This article will help the users to save all Hotmail emails to hard drives with the use of the manual procedure. But due to the lack of its accuracy, and complexity to the normal users, it is advised to use the professional to which will help the users to backup Hotmail to hard drive with different file formats like EML, MSG, PST, MBOX etc..