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Windows BKF Restore Software – Best Utility Product Review

Published By Nilesh
Aswin Vijayan
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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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In this article, we have focused on the efficient and simple technique to repair and open corrupt backup data (BKF file) in the Windows system. It is widely using a risk-free solution to restore corrupt .bkf file by using the best data recovery utility i.e. Windows BKF Restore Software.

Windows BKF File Restore Utility

After thorough research and testing, it has been analyzed that BKF Repair is an efficient and trustworthy utility that can restore/open BKF file in the Windows system. It is capable to retrieve Windows backup data such as NTBackup files and Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec (.bkf/.zip) data files and save at the desired location in a healthy state. Moreover, it provides multiple scanning modes options i.e. Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Range Based Scan which can be used to scan data files according to their level of corruption. It facilitates to add/scan data of .bkf files into the software without any file size limitation as it successfully extract ZIP or BKF file up to 30 TB.

Additionally, the Windows NTBackup Restore Utility provides an instant preview of recovered BKF data by using its integrated viewer. After the recovery of BKF files, it keeps maintaining the metadata and original formatting of data. The Software is enriched with advanced features that make the simple and risk-free recovery of BKF files. It helps users to restore the backup of data files in an effortless manner.

Windows BKF Restore Software – Best Features

  • Repair Corrupt Backup Data

SysTools BKF Repair utility can be used to repair corrupt or damaged Windows backup file (.bkf/.zip files). After the data recovery, users can save the resultant file at any desired location existing in the local system. The software does not impose any size limitation on backup data files.

  • Multiple File Scanning Options

Windows backup files (BKF/ZIP) are prone to several kinds of corruption. BKF file Restore software provides multiple scanning modes that can be used to restore corrupt .bkf files according to its corruption level. Provided scanning options are as follows:

Quick Scan: It is the default scanning option that is able to deal with less corrupted backup files that do not need to perform high scanning.

Deep Scan: This scanning mode deals with highly damaged or corrupted BKF data files.

Range Based Scan: Range based scan option can be used to scan the selective backup files and restore data in a risk-free manner.

  • Support Files (NTBackup & Symantec Exec)

It provides the recovery of corrupted or damaged NTBackup and VERITAS Backup Exec backup files in Windows systems. Windows backup recovery tool has a user-

friendly interface which makes it easy to operate and execute without any issues.

  • Preview Repaired Backup Files 

After the the corrupted BKF files recovery software provides the preview of all recovered data items. It also provided an option to extract and recover corrupted backup files in a healthy state at any existing desired location. With this utility, users can search required items using the file name or extension.

  • Supports all Windows OS Versions

Windows backup software supports all versions of the Windows operating system. One can operate and execute the tool in any of the Windows systems such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and so on. By using this data recovery solution, users can repair and restore data in a few simple steps. 

Windows BKF Restore Software Availability

Free Windows BKF Restore Tool: To get the setup of the product, users can simply go to the Company’s official website. Then, click on the ‘Download’ button to start the free trial of the software. The Demo version of the software can be used to check the performance and functionality of the tool. However, it only provides a preview of extracted data. To export and save recovered data in the local system, users can upgrade the software with its full version.

BKF Repair Software Full Version: To upgrade the software, users need to purchase the licensed version of the tool. For this, users just have to pay a certain amount of money using the online payment method through a secure payment gateway. After getting the user’s reviews, it is believed that spending money on the Windows BKF File Restore Software is not worthless ever!

Windows BKF Restore Software – Specifications

Size – 3.29 MB

Version – 6.0

MD5 Hash Value – 20fa43e2b97cbbf83e7018ace0b1ba5e

Hard Disk Space – 100 MB of Free Hard Disk Space

RAM – Minimum 2 GB RAM  Recommended

Processor – Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)


· Provided recovery of data without any file size limitation.

· Facilitates data preview and instant searching.

· Extracts all or selective BKF or ZIP backup data files.

· Provided multi-level scanning modes to scan corrupted .bkf/.zip files.


· The BKF Repair Software is not compatible with Mac OS.

Clients Reviews

“Recently, I encountered a system crash. After this, I lost all the data files saved in the system. Then, I tried to restore data files from the backup but it showing error, and files are not restored. After this, I researched for smart solutions and found Windows BKF Restore software that efficiently helped me to get my data back. With the help of this software, I got all the data with its original formatting and structure. Thanks tool to discover such a great utility!”

“One day, my system got a severe virus and all the data files got corrupted. Backup files that were saved in local drive also got damaged. In such a situation, I discussed the problem to my friend who is a technical person and I am really not. He suggested me to use software named this Windows BKF file restore Software. I used the software and realized that it is the best solution to deal with such a situation in all ways. The software is easy to use and safe. Thanks!”

Final Verdict

Based on the observation and after analyzing the efficiency of the tool, we surely rate it 9.9 out of 10. Easy functionality and great performance of the Windows BKF Restore Software, really marks it as ten on ten software. BKF repair tool is a trustworthy and efficient automated software solution that can be used to perfectly deal with corrupt/damaged BKF backup files in Windows.


Q1. How can we recover corrupt BKF files with the Windows BKF restore utility?

Ans. The software provides the solution to recover BKF files in a few simple steps, which are as follows:

  • Install and Run BKF File Repair Software.
Install and Run BKF File Repair
  • Scan/Add .bkf or .zip backup files.
Add .bkf or .zip backup files.
  • Preview extracted Windows backup data.
Preview extracted Windows backup data.
  • Select the ‘Extract’ option to save files.
Select the Extract option to save files.

Q1. Which version of the Windows OS is supported by Windows BKF restore utility?

Ans. BKF repair tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Q3. How long it will take to repair and restore corrupt .bkf files?

Ans. Windows BKF file restore software provides a hassle-free recovery of corrupted backup data depending upon the time taken in the loading of data.

Q4. What is the maximum size of BKF files that can be recovered?

Ans. Windows BKF Restore Software provides the recovery of backup files (.bkf/.zip) without any file size limitation. 

Q5. How can I open and view the BKF file in Windows 7?

Ans. BKF file repair tool provide an efficient solution to repair and view data of BKF files in any version of Windows OS including Windows 7.