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Unable to Extract Zip File Windows 10 – How to Fix it?

Published By Kumar Raj
Aswin Vijayan
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Published On January 24th, 2024
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Summary: Many users sometimes get the error “Zip file cannot extract Windows 10” There may be several reasons for such error. Well, in this article, we will explain “Unable to Extract Zip File Windows 10” technical problem. In addition, we will discuss some of the factors that led to this error. Next, we will share manual and automated techniques to solve the problem.

Cause of ZIP File Corruption:

  • Using a faulty application or improper file compression techniques i.e. creating a ZIP archive
  • Changing ZIP file extension from one format to another often
  • Presence of bad sector on the disk where ZIP file is stored
  • Recover corrupted backup file with an unreliable tool

Safety Precautions:

  • Never use an unreliable tool to create ZIP archives
  • Change the file extensions of ZIP files only when necessary

Manual Workarounds to Fix Unable to Extract Zip File Windows 10 Error

Several manual methods can help you solve “Can’t extract zip data file windows”. This may be a corrupt error. Let us know in detail about some methods, which are listed below,

## Method 1 Using File Explorer

  • Select on extract all to extract Zip file contents to Desktop
  • Hit on Browse Tab to browse to target location
  • Choose on Select folder to Click this folder for storing extracted files
  • Hit on extract to start extraction process 
  • Files are extracted and placed into target folder

# Method 2 :Using extract all option from context menu

  • First of all, Right click on Zip file to open context menu , then click on Extract All
  • Click on browse to select a folder for placing extracted files
  • This will open target folder when extraction is complete
  • Extracted files are placed in target folder

Quick Solution to Resolve Unable to Extract Zip File Windows 10 Error

Even if have tried all the methods mentioned above, the problem has not been solved. Therefore it is advisable to use this sophisticated software. BKF Repair Tool a powerful tool that can recover badly damaged or open BKF or zip files. This utility provides fast and advanced scanning options to fix major-level corruption. If you have any doubt about Windows BKF restore Software, download the demo version software, it is completely free.


Working Steps of the Tool

First off all, Download and Run Program

download the softwarepurchase the software

  • Add Windows Zip file
Add Zip File
  • Click the ‘Scan’ button to recover corrupted ZIP files in Windows OS
Scan' button
  • Preview Recovered Zip File Data
Preview Recovered
  • Click on the ‘Extract’ button to extract Zip files.
Extract' button

Let’s Sum Up

In the post above, we have described all possible solutions to fix the “Unable to extract Zip file Windows 10 ” error. Here are two approaches that can help you get your work done positively. The manual method is time-consuming and you will need to use an alternative solution such as BKF Recovery software. You can also choose according to your needs.