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How to Compress Large Size PDF Files in Efficient Manner

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Published On July 5th, 2023
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Are you in a hurry to compress large size PDF files? If yes. Then you landed on the right page to find the answer. But, before that let us know more about PDF files.

PDF is a portable document format which is developed as an exchange format for documents. It is used to display files in an electronic form independent of hardware, software or operating systems they are viewed on. This file format integrates various elements like images, text, animations, vector graphics, 3D models, hyperlinks, buttons, etc. All these elements can be included in the same PDF and organized as a presentation, report, or portfolio. There are several advantages of using PDF documents such as security, convenience, compactness, etc.

Although, PDF files are compact and contain unlimited information. But, sometimes it becomes difficult for the user to manage such large PDF files and thus arises the need to reduce file size of PDF. Therefore, in this write up we will learn the precise way to compress PDF documents.

User Queries –“A PDF file was attached to an email that I recently received. Its size is 80 MB, nevertheless. I want the PDF to be smaller. Is it possible to compress huge PDF files without sacrificing the content’s quality?”

Why It Needs to Compress Large Size PDF Files?

There are various needs which demand the compression of PDF files such as –

  1. Large-size PDF documents cause various issues while sharing them via email.
  2. They consume more bandwidth and take a huge time to download and open.
  3. Consume large storage space for example if an organization maintain digital copies of documents, then there should be aware of the space required by the files because even PDF files can start to add up.

Points to be Remember While Reducing Size of PDF

Quality should not be Affected: While reducing the size of large PDF documents users should focus on content quality. Image and text quality should not be degraded. However, if there is any change in the content quality or gets blurred then the compression will not be effective.

High Rate of Compression: Because it saves a huge amount of disk space. Most of the time when we try to share large PDF files through the internet, we encountered an error message “Size is too large to send the file”. Therefore, there should be a high degree of compression.

Preserve PDF Content: One thing should be remembered that while compressing PDF files data should not get lost. In case data is not preserved then, we have to put extra efforts to recover the lost data.

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Manual Solution to Compress Large-Size PDF Files

Big PDF files are difficult to manage therefore, users can reduce file size of PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Pro. To reduce the size of PDF files, take the actions listed below.

  • Firstly, launch Adobe Acrobat and open PDF files.
  • Select File by clicking it. Save As Different.
  • Now, choose to Reduce Size PDF.
  • Select Later versions of Acrobat to increase File size reduction.
  • Click OK to compress the PDF file and Save it.

Drawbacks of Manual Solution to Reduce Size of PDF Documents

Some of the limitations of the manual approach are given below-

  • In order to compress large size PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Pro then users should have its paid version. However, this is not preferred by most the user.
  • It is quite a lengthy and time-consuming approach to compress PDF files by Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • It requires high technical knowledge of Acrobat to perform the task.

Compress Large Size PDF Files in Bulk Using the Most Prominent Way

The Manual approach is not considered the ideal means of compressing PDF files. Therefore, in order to win the situation, users should give more preference to professional & trouble-free methods i.e. SysTools PDF Toolbox. This software can easily shrink large-size PDF documents without any difficulty. Moreover, it is capable of compressing multiple files at the same time, this helps in reducing the time and completes the job without giving any error.

How the Software Works to Reduce File Size of PDF Files in Batch?

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1: Initially, download and run the utility to compress multiple PDF files easily.

Compress Large Size PDF Files

2: Then choose the compress option and select the Add File/Add Folder for inserting PDF files.

insert PDF files to compress

3: Now, use the Browse button to set the folder location where the compressed files will be saved.

fix the location to save files

4: Use Advanced Settings to set the properties as per users’ needs.

use advanced settings to compress files

5: Finally, after adding the settings, preview the changes and hit the Start button to compress large size PDF files.

preview and begin the process

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Most Common Questions Asked

Q1: What are the possible methods to reduce file size of PDF files? 

There are 3 different ways to shrink your PDF files. you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro(offline application), an online Compressor tool, and for large PDF files use the professional solution.

Q2: Can I compress my PDF file images using this software?

Yes, the utility enables an option called “Advance Settings” which makes it easier for you to choose the photos’ maximum and minimum sizes.

Q3: Does the compressing software has any restrictions on file size?

No, there are no such restrictions imposed related to file size. So, multiple files can be inserted to reduce their size easily.


We have carried out a discussion of the two solutions i.e. manual method and automated approach, to compress large size PDF files. As the manual approach has various limitations, it is advised to get access to use a third-party tool to reduce file size of pdf files. Also for user convenience, the use of an efficient tool is suggested.