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Procedure to Convert Apple Mail to PDF Format


Apple Mail is the most preferred choice for the Mac users being as default mail client provided by Apple. However, other reason for utilizing this client is that its data flexibility for transfer over other platforms. Apple Mail creates and saves its email data in MBOX file format. However, regardless of flexibility of MBOX files, it is not important that its users do not face any dissatisfaction. Most of the time users need to secure their data therefore; they convert Apple Mail to PDF format. The following segment helps you to move the data from Mac mail to Adobe PDF format.

What Makes Users Export Apple Mailbox to PDF?

There are numerous of formats that are either platform independent as well as open source, but none is as flexible as Acrobat Adobe PDF. Documents are simple to carry around that helps in doing data mobility in simpler manner. Therefore, most of the users convert Apple email to PDF format so that it can be utilized and carried out easily anywhere.

How to Save Apple Mail as PDF?

There are two ways through which one can easily export Mac MBOX emails to PDF format as mentioned below:

Method 1: Manual Process to Convert Apple Mail to PDF

  • Save Apple Mail messages as files
  • Select File →  click on Save As option
  • Store messages as PDF for that choose one or more messages
  • Select File →  option to Export as PDF
  • Store a single message in MBOX format by dragging on your PC
  • To reopen →  double-click on file


The above process is lengthy as well as time consuming. Moreover, it fails to move the Apple Mail data in batch to PDF format. Not only this, but to convert Mac mail to PDF complete technical knowledge is important to execute this process.

Advanced Solution to Convert Apple Mail to PDF?

To overcome the limitations faced by the above method there is a software namely SysTools Mac MBOX Converter. The program is designed with well-chosen techniques and algorithms. This way you get technical conversion while the operation remains easy to be executed by even a novice user. The tool is easy to operate, owns all the required techniques, lets you perform comfortably, and guarantees a complete, successful, and secure to convert Apple email to PDF. Meanwhile, the best thing that makes this application even more desirable is its availability as a freeware trial edition and purchase feasible at an affordable yet reasonable price. The software offers different file naming options to store the migrated data file. Moreover, Acrobat Adobe installation is not required to convert Apple mail to PDF format. However, to open and preview the converted data files Acrobat Adobe installation is important.

Advantages of Mac MBOX Converter

• If you use our Mac MBOX Converter software application, you will be able to execute batch conversion of Apple Mail to PDF format.

• You can also download MAC MBOX conversion tool of ours that too free of cost as the demo version of the tool is downloadable from the website absolutely free of cost without any hidden charges included.

• With our tool users can convert their Apple Mail file i.e MBOX file to PDF format in a safe process as the designing of the tool has been done with proper technicalities and inputting high level of technology that is required for the secure and complete conversion of the Apple Mail database.

• The front-end of the Mac MBOX conversion tool is utterly easy to be used by any kind of user as the Graphical User Interface i.e. the GUI of the software application is separately designed without including any complex technicalities as the complexities are put in the back-end of the tool

• The tool is supports all versions of Mac OS X to execute the data conversion process in a precise manner.

As because of the advantages discussed above convert Apple email to PDF can be made successfully without any head-burn.

Summing Up

Many times, conversion of data is quiet important especially for maintaining the workflow. Similarly, in the situation where users need to convert Apple Mail to PDF format. After understanding this, we have come up two solutions to execute the data conversion process in a precise manner.