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Most Promising Way to Convert gdoc to Word Document


No doubt, no one can imagine life without the use of Google product in daily routine. As Google is the first choice of every user, it offers majorly used services such as Gmail, Google Apps, and so on. Among all the services provided by Google, Google Drive is the best feature used by the users to download multiple google data offline directly from Google account. It is the application, which allows to create and save google documents on the Web using Google account. In Google Drive, users have the option to install and save google documents directly to hard drive, whether they just want one document or an entire Google Docs library. Even when a device is not connected to the internet then, users can set the available documents. By default Google Docs, PPTs, sheets and other Google apps .gdoc file format. Therefore, it is necessary to know the simple ways to Read gdoc Offline & how to convert Gdoc to Word document in an appropriate manner.

convert gdoc to word document

Ways how to Convert the Gdoc to word document

Download Multiple Google documents Using Google Drive

1. Open the Google Drive website & Login your Google account.

2. Next, locate folder, where you want to download multiple google document and choose it by clicking on it to export google documents.

3. Also, you can even click and hold the Ctrl key on the Windows and to select download multiple google documents files choose at once to save google Documents as word documents.

4. After that, Right-click on the selected documents or click the menu of the Google Drive and then, select Download Multiple google documents option to export google documents.

5. Finally, your browser will allow to download multiple google documents in MS Office format such as .docx for documents, .pptx for presentations and .xlsx for spreadsheets. If you have chosen download multiple google documents, option then your Web browser will install a single .zip file that includes the selected documents in MS Office format. Now you Migrate google documents and read gdoc offline.

download gdoc from google drive

Install the Google Doc From the Editor to convert gdoc to word document

You can directly convert a gdoc to word document format while you start editing it. The following points are:

1. First of all, open the document within the appropriate editor. You can perform this by double-clicking the .gdoc file on your Desktop if you have already synced it with Google Drive, but all those data files are good to migrate google documents.

2. Then, Click the File and export google doc As Word documents, Excel sheet, or PowerPoint based on the type of export google doc it is. Your browser can save google documents file to hard drive system. Also, you can export google doc to another file types such as PDF, plain text, Open Document and rich text.

download multiple google doc

Export Google Doc All Files as Office Documents

For Read gdoc offline and convert Gdoc to Word document all files at once, follow below steps such as:

1. First, pointed to the Google Takeout website. Generally, Google Takeout wants to export google doc all items from multiple Google services, so just click on select None option from the top to save google documents or upload google documents.

save google documents

2. Then, you start to scroll down and enable the Drive option. Next, you can click on an arrow to view more details by default, in fact Google Takeout can export google doc every individual upload google documents and export google documents file in Google Drive and also convert gdoc to Word document and able to read gdoc offline.

export google documents

3. After proceeding, click the Next button and then, choose the Create Archive on the next page to save google documents and upload google documents.

4.Finally, Google will create an archive folder for all your documents and provide a URL to save google document as word document and migrate google documents and can upload google documents.

migrate google documents

Convert gdoc to Microsoft Word Document and Upload google documents File in Google Drive

  • Google works with MS Office documents directly in Google Drive but there is no any direct way to convert a Gdoc to Word document without installing/downloading it first.
  • In case, if users want to export google doc to Microsoft Word file to hard drive or uploads google documents  inside the Google Drive, then, they will require to Migrate google documents the .gdoc using one of the above methods. Put that download multiple Word document in the Google Drive folder on hard drive on user Desktop and it will begin to sync back to their Google Drive as an Office document.
  • However, users can also upload Google documents that MS Office document through the website. But, to execute this, they have to visit Google Drive’s Settings page on the internet and unmark the Convert gdoc to word document and upload Google documents files to Google Docs editor format option. Else if users do not have Microsoft Office files then, it will start to upload Google documents all files from word office.
  • Once users have changed this option, so they migrate google documents from the Microsoft Word documents in Google Drive web page. Also, click the New and choose File Upload Google documents in Google Drive then, browse to the Microsoft Word documents. They would be upload Google documents in Google Drive and save google document as word documents in Office and  read gdoc offline.

store and export google documents

  • If users need to migrate Google Documents to Microsoft Word documents in OneDrive, then, they can place all the migrate google documents into One Drive folder. Moreover, they will be upload google document to OneDrive account, and then, edit them via Microsoft Office Online. Also, can easily access google document through MS Office smartphone applications and which can be make easy to read gdoc offline.

Export google documents



Google plays a vital role in our daily routine for professional as well personal use. It can save google documents and export google documents as Microsoft word documents data in google drive where to place all the necessary information. Therefore, it is necessary to convert Gdoc to Word document to read gdoc offline without any hassle. In above segment, we have discussed easiest ways how to migrate google documents and convert gdoc file to word document in detail.


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