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Exchange Online Backup Solutions – Steps to Secure Office 365 Mailbox

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Published On February 7th, 2024
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Overview: If you are searching for different Exchange Online Backup solutions then your search ends here. In this guide, we will discuss the multiple ways to backup Exchange/ Office 365 mailboxes.

Backup/ archive of Exchange Online (Office 365) accounts is becoming a necessity for many organizations. Some organizations are very concerned about the recovery of the data in the case of any failure, data deletion, or corruption scenario. But, this concern and increasing demand for the Exchange Online Backup also has lots of questions, as many users face different problems regarding the same. This article describes various ways to take backup of Office 365 mailboxes and would help you to solve most of your queries about Exchange Online Backup.

Why do We Need a Backup of an Exchange Online (Office 365) Account?

There are various things in an organization that lead to disruption of the data. Because of this to backup Exchange Online data is the right approach. There are also multiple benefits of a backup file of Exchange Online and some of them are:-

1. Backup of Exchange Online can protect you from the accidental deletion of emails, contacts, and other essential information.
2. Because of the backup of Exchange Online in the local system the data is also safe from cyber attacks.
3. Backup is also necessary for compliance purposes in the organizations.
4. If in some situations the Exchange Online is not working fine then you can access the backup data offline.
5. The backup data is also protected from data corruption.
To get the data safe and secured, we need to have a copy/ backup mailboxes, so that we can easily access our data even in these problematic scenarios.

It is found that many users are in the search of best Exchange Online backup solutions.
Some of the queries are given below:

“Is there any way to backup Exchange Online mailbox to PST?”
“I want to know a reasonable archive strategy in an Office 365 account?”
“When to take the backup of Exchange Online mails, incremental, monthly, once in a week, or daily?”
“Can I filter the Calendars and Tasks entries from the backup?”
“Is Microsoft providing any in-built feature in Office 365 to take the backup of the data?”

Different Exchange Online Backup Solutions

There are two different solutions to take the Exchange Online backup. One is the manual and another is the professional. Let’s explore each one in detail.

Solution 1. Manual Method to Download Exchange Online Data

Manually backing the Exchange Online means export Office 365 mailbox to PST. Through this method, we can export the Exchange Online data into a PST file and save that file at a particular location.

  • Step 1. Sign in to the Office 365 using the required credentials.
  • Step 2. Launch the Exchange Admin Center.
  • Step 3. Issue a mailbox export request from the EAC. Go to recipients, choose mailboxes, and click on Mailbox Export Request.
  • Step 4. Monitor the Export Request using the Exchange Admin Center.
  • Step 5. After the completion of the export, you can download the PST file.

After downloading the resulting file, you can also migrate PST to Office 365 mailbox of another account. Executing the manual steps is not easy, it requires a lot of technical knowledge. There can be chances of errors while downloading the Exchange Online data. To perform this method you need the Exchange Online credentials. So, for a simple way of backing up the Exchange Online, let’s move to another solution which is a professional solution.

Solution 2. Backup Exchange Online Data Using Professional Method

Because of some limitations of the manual method. The experts recommend Office 365 Backup Tool to perform the Exchange Online backup. This tool is well-versed in storing all the data of the Exchange Online in the system locally. Due to this, the experts also recommend the professional method as one of the best Exchange Online backup solutions. There are multiple advanced features incorporated into the automated tool which makes the process simpler.

Software Steps to Backup Office 365/ Exchange Online

Step 1. Download the tool on the system. Select Office 365 as the Source and Outlook as the Destination platform.

enter source and destination platforms
Step 2. Tick the checkbox of the items for backup under the workload section. Use the Date filter for the items if required.

workload section
Step 3. Provide the details in the Source tab, validate all the details, and Next.

provide Source details
Step 4. Now in the Destination tab, enter the location to save the resulting file and move to Next.

destination validation
Step 5. Get all the users into the tool using the Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download template options.

Step 6. After validating the users, click on the Start Backup to complete the process.

Start Backup


To secure the mailbox of the Exchange Online there are two different Exchange Online backup solutions. We have explained both solutions whether it is manual or professional. Because of some limitations in the manual method, an alternative professional solution is also explained in detail. The professional solution is also recommended by the experts so pick the professional solution and complete the backup process without any errors.