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Know How to Extract Data From PDF Form in an Easy Way

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Published On June 28th, 2023
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PDF forms are useful for various industries, which include finance, insurance, healthcare, and other legal sectors. These forms enable efficient data collection, however, Users find this task difficult for capturing data from PDF forms because there is no instant method available that can assure data integrity without compromising the quality of extracted data. Hence, we will demonstrate the whole process to extract data from PDF form by explaining the different methods available.

Before moving on to the methods, let’s understand why these forms are commonly used and what are the issues we face during the extraction process.

Why PDF Forms are Widely Used?

Margin shifts are not a problem with PDF forms since they do not adapt to the printers like Microsoft Word documents. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) refers to the format’s rendering and viewing benchmarks. There are no surprises when printing papers that look exactly like they do on the screen.

The data included in PDF forms can also be analyzed or exported for use in a database once they are submitted online. Manual alteration cannot be done to them.

PDF Data Extraction Difficulties

When it comes to rearranging and presenting data, the ability to obtain and extract data from fillable PDFs is essential. Extracting a specific portion of information from most other document types, such as DOC, XLS, or CSV, is simple; just modify the data or copy and paste.

However, this is difficult to achieve with PDFs; editing is impossible, and copy-pasting simply does not preserve the original structure and sequence of data display; try to extract table data from PDF files!

These difficulties may lead to mistakes, delays, and cost overruns when extracting PDF material in mass. Text extraction from PDFs and converting PDFs to XML provide comparable problems for businesses.

Is it Possible to Extract Data from PDF Form?

How a user can efficiently extract data from fillable PDF? In order of increasing efficiency and accuracy. Below we discussed manual and professional method is discussed to extract data from PDF documents.

Manual Method to Extract Data From PDF Form

When dealing with a small number of PDF documents, copying and pasting is the most practical method.
1. Click on each PDF form to open it.
2. Choosing a section of data or text from that PDF form (s).
3. Copy the information that has been highlighted.
4. Copied information should be pasted into a DOC, XLS, or CSV file.

Why Manual Method for Capturing Data from PDF Forms is not Efficient?

As previously stated, this manual technique frequently results in inconsistent and error-prone data extraction. You will need to devote a significant amount of time and effort to rearrange and present the extracted information in a consistent and relevant manner. Handling manual data extraction from PDFs for a huge number of documents could become unsustainable and excessively expensive in the long term.

Security Breaching Via Online PDF Extraction Services

Outsourcing manual data entry is an apparent, low-cost, and quick solution. Data entry experts are employed by online services and other businesses.

These data entry specialists will effectively do the processes mentioned in a prior manner but on a larger scale. While this technique has the potential to minimize data extraction costs and delays. But quality management and data security are major considerations. Therefore, it is recommended to go with a safe and secure solution to save images from PDF files.

Extract Data From PDF Form By Using the Professional Software

PDF Extraction Tool is becoming increasingly popular among individuals and organizations to extract data from PDF forms. Using this software users can easily extract multiple data from PDF files, especially when it comes to capturing data from PDF forms it performs the extraction task smoothly without causing any issues. Moreover, this tool can pull out data from restricted PDF forms(file(s)). This utility is available for both Mac & Windows Users.

This utility features an interactive user interface. However, you can use this software to extract data from PDF form by following these guidelines.

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Additional New Features in the Most Recent Version

Let’s have a look at some of these features:

1. The table image quality will be kept and presented as the original.
2. Even if a PDF has owner-level limitations, this application can still extract data from it.
3. A function is included to unlock password-protected PDF forms. (The password must be entered by the user.)

Please keep in mind that if you want to extract tables images that are integrated within the PDF forms. Then you must select the “Inline Image” option. If they are attached to the PDF file, select the “Attachments” option. Let’s have a look at how:

For Windows Uses: 

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For Mac Users: 

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1. After installing the program, select “Add Files” / “Add Folder.” This application can handle several PDF forms files and folders at the same time.

Extract data from PDF form

2. Click the “Change” button to store the extracted data in a specific location. In addition, the software has the “Create Single Folder Only” option, which allows you to store all of your text and tables in a single folder. Then, to proceed. Click the Next button.

fix the detination to save the files

3. Now check the Items Type i.e. Attachments and Inline Images to extract tables from PDF forms and attachments that hold data that you require.

choose the type of item

4. Do customization as per your requirement to extract the data. This tool offers image settings so you can precise the extraction of data with accuracy. Click on the Extract button once you are satisfied with the setup.

Extract data from PDF form


5. This is how you extract data from PDF form. Now you just need to click on the OK button to exit the window. And refer to your chosen location to access extracted data.

Extract data from PDF form

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Generally Asked Questions

Q1: What are the Quick methods to extract data from fillable PDF forms?

Using Adobe Reader/Acrobat, users can simply complete their extraction process. In case of having multiple files, it is suggested to use the automated tool that is discussed above in this post.

Q2: Does it requires Adobe Reader installation while using the tool?

Yes, it is required to install Adobe installation in case of extraction using the smart tool.


PDF is used by almost all organizations to manage their database. That’s why the requirement also varies from one user to another. One such user query is to extract data from PDF form. Here, we have tackled this query in detail by providing the most reliable solution that guarantees the quality of extracting data from PDF forms.