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Learn How to Remove Restrictions from PDF Files

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While using the PDF document, many times the users tend to unlock or remove restrictions from PDF files. Also, the situation emerges where the users need rights to open an encrypted PDF File. But in case you don’t have permissions and unable to open it. In such situation, the very first question that strikes the mind is How to remove security from PDF Files? The user’s major area of concern over it is described below:

Users Concern:

“I work in an MNC in the marketing domain. The senior manager provided me few PDF files which are secure. The task is to calculate the expenses that happened over last 1 year. Furthermore, he instructed me to edit the PDF file and make changes if required. But, PDF doesn’t give copying and editing permissions. But, I need to submit it by tomorrow morning. Now, I don’t have any option left and I need to remove restrictions from PDF files and work properly as I have to open, read and print the PDF files.”

Instant Solution: If you want to erase copying, editing, and printing restrictions from PDF documents without any difficulty, then use PDF Restriction Remover Tool. This software easily remove document restrictions from PDF.

Methods to Remove Restrictions from PDF Files

Before discussing the tact’s to remove security from PDF files, let’s understand how the PDF document can be protected with the password. There are only two ways to which the PDF files can be secured. The first one is to restrict PDF files from opening without the password or restricting someone from printing, modifying or copying PDF documents data.

Erase PDF Password via Chrome – By Printing PDF Document

The method here will create the duplicate copy of the original PDF file as we can consider that it prints the data to a new PDF File.

Note: This method for deleting PDF file password only works in the circumstances where there are no restrictions on the printing methods.

These methods can be implemented easily by following the steps listed below:

1. Open a Password Protected PDF file in Google Chrome Browser
2. Submit the password and open protected PDF files
3. Afterwards, click on Print button on top corner of PDF toolbar
4. Switch to Change Button and choose Save As PDF option. Once it is completed, select Save button and store it in the desired location
5. Once completed the task, you will get replica of original PDF file without the password

This method calls for the technique that is completely free to unlock and remove restrictions from PDF. and it doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat Pro to be installed. As the method is completely free it only works in case the user knows an original password. Moreover, it even secures many limitations. Hence, we have decided to come up with a completely secure and a quick method to erase restrictions from PDF files.

Automated Solution to Remove Security from PDF File

The expert solution i.e., PDF Restriction Remover comes with the advanced designing algorithm for removing any kind of the restriction from PDF files. The users can print, extract or erase password from PDF files via this wizard. The PDF protection remover application has the credibility to unlock the owner level password security and even support to remove restrictions from PDF in batch.

Now the question arises how to remove security from PDF Files via PDF Unlocker Wizard

remove PDF file security

Working with Software to Remove PDF File security

1. Firstly, Download and Install the setup of the software
2. Run the software and tap on Browse option to give PDF file a path to be unlocked and choose the password protected files
3. In case, the file gets loaded, the wizard enumerates permissions and stats for the current document. Browse and then choose the location and save resultant PDF files
4. Afterwards, click on Unlock PDF option and begin the process to remove restrictions from PDF document.
5. Select OK and then proceed further
6. Once done with these steps, remove restrictions like printing, pasting and copying operation. Opt for the recovered PDF file
7. Choose Edit menu and then copy Files to the clipboard
8. Now, check printing functionality by tapping on print option, in case, the document gets selected, then the document can be easily printed
9. Exit and proceed to unlock Adobe PDF files by choosing Yes or No alternative

The Final Note

From the above-listed methods, it is quite clear that the users can follow either way to overcome the problems by manual or automated one. So, the users should connect to it and get the relevant solution to remove restrictions from PDF files as per their convenience.


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