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How to Extract Text From Multiple PDF Files Into HTML?

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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Do you want to extract text from multiple PDF files? If you are looking for a solution then, you are at the right place. Yes, we have come up with a convenient and simple approach that helps to batch extract text from PDF files.

Many times users try to extract all text from PDF to use in another application. Sometimes, it is quite irritating for end users. Although it is possible to extract the text document still, it is very time-consuming and does not permit to export PDF file text as a different format. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss some of the simple ways to extract text from multiple PDF files in an efficient manner.

User Query: “Yesterday, I have tried to extract some of the text messages from a PDF file. But, I was unable to take it out due to certain reasons. Therefore, I want to know is there any approach that helps to remove data from PDF documents. Please suggest me any suitable method as soon as possible.”

Extract all Text From PDF Using Manual Approach

Go through several ways by which users can extract text from multiple PDF files. Some of them are:

Batch Extract Text from PDF Files By Adobe Reader

  1. Open the specific file from Acrobat Reader. In Windows, go to File menu and select Export Document to Text, name the document file and Save it.
  2. On Mac or Linux OS, copy a text by accessing View menu and choose “Continuous” or “Continuous-Facing” option. Then, go to Edit and choose option Select All and afterward, Edit and Copy.
  3. Next, navigate to the Select tool if users just want to extract some of the text. Click on “Text Select” tool and select the information that you want. From the formatted document, you can initially use “Column Select” tool. Now, choose Edit–>Copy button.

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Convert PDF File to HTML Format

Navigate Gmail as the shortcut. Attach a PDF file to an email account and send it to the Gmail account. While opening an email you can view multiple options to the attachment. Select an option “View as HTML” and save a file that will open in the separate window. Even you will not be able to view any graphics, the HTML file will maintain the formatting of text documents.

You can convert and extract text from multiple PDF files on the command prompt. Linux users can use the basic conversion command that can change the PDF to the text file: pdftotext filename.pdf.” Make sure that file name can be changed with the name of a PDF file.

Now, you can download PDF to text conversion tool. There is the number of open source and freeware utilities available like PDFBox and Easy PDF to Text Converter. All of such applications can easily convert PDF to HTML format as well.

Few Tips to Remember

  1. Check whether a document file is formatted to contain both graphics and text document. The Adobe Acrobat program will only work if a PDF file includes both; it will not work for files along with images. In many cases, the text in PDF document is always formatted as an image. This will happen when the original document is scanned and the portable files(.pdf) are created from a scanned image.
  2. With the help of Acrobat Reader, a user can reformat some of the text. This way of extraction simply converts the PDF document as a text file. It will not maintain the formatting as well.

Professional Method to Extract Text From Multiple PDF Files

If above manual approach gets fail or finds any difficulty then, users can opt for a reliable software i.e., PDF Extractor. It is designed to extract text or images from PDF easily. It provides facility to extract text from PDF files in less time. Moreover, it allows to save images from PDF file without any data loss.

During PDF extraction process the tool will not change the original formatting of the file when it extract text from multiple PDF files. Additionally, it offers an Advance Setting feature that helps to set choose and apply the filters and helps in generating the output faster.

List of items that can be taken out from a PDF file using this Utility:

  • Inline images
  • Bookmarks
  • Hyperlinks
  • Rich Media Files (Sound, SWF, Video)
  • Comments/highlights
  • Metadata
  • Attachments from PDF

For Windows Users:

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For Mac Users:

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How a User Can Extract All Text From PDF With Help of the Software?

  • Initially, to batch extract text from PDF files, install the software and run it on the system.

Extract Text From Multiple PDF Files

  • Now by using the Add Files & Add Folder, start inserting the files or folders.

adding PDF files for extraction process

  • Now, select the “Change” button to set the location where use wants to save the extracted text.

set the destination to store the PDF file

  • In next window, choose the item type under Extract tab. User can even select all the items. Also, apply all the filters.

choose item and apply filters

  • Finally, after the filters are applied then hit the Extract button to batch extract text from PDF files.

extract text from multiple pdf files

Final Thoughts

In the above discussion, we have explained a direct manual approach to let the users understand how to extract text from multiple PDF files. Else, users can take help of a reliable software. It is programmed in such a way to extract text from PDF file without any difficulty. Also, it is capable enough to extract all text from PDF.