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Learn What Does 0 Bytes Mean on iPhone & How To Fix It


iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phone used among users. Almost every iPhone user must have an error message like 0 bytes available on his iPhone. It is the most common and crucial problem faced by the users when they try to take photos, videos or install any new App on the device. Usually, iPhone is having 16 GB or 64 GB of internal memory. The amount of internal storage available is almost enough for any user until they store the large size file or App on the iPhone. However, users still face 0 byte available error on the device. Therefore, it becomes really important for a user to understand all possible reason behind such error and how one can fix 0 byte available error manually. Hence, in this post, every type of information regarding 0 byte error in iPhone is discussed.

Reason Behind iPhone Storage Space Error

It is most common error faced by the iPhone users and has become the most popular search on Google regarding iPhone error. Therefore, all possible reasons that result 0 byte available error are listed below:

  • One of the possible reason of this error is iPhone is infected with the virus after jailbreak.
  • If iPhone system is crashing because of some reasons, it leads to display 0 byte available for storage.
  • Another possible and most commonly found reason is locked out of the Mail App on a full iPhone. It results in no storage space available and display error message like:

“Storage Almost Full- To use Mail, free up storage space by deleting unused apps or files, and then try again.”

  • If a user has synced his iPhone with the computer before, then all the content on the computer is synced with iPhone and all the storage space has been taken up while syncing data from computer to iPhone.

Manual Ways to Fix 0 Byte available Error in iPhone

Now, the manual to resolve this error varies according to the cause that generates the error. Therefore, in this segment of the article, different manual based on the cause of error are discussed. One can choose between them depending upon the cause of error.

Problem 1: Not able to take Photos and Videos due to iPhone Crashing

“I am facing some wired error whenever I am trying to take pictures or click photos. It is because of low storage space available. However, to free up some storage space I have deleted many files from iPhone but still facing an error message saying 0 byte available. How can I fix this issue. Can anyone help me out of this.”


1. Check the storage space

Before deleting any of the files, first of all, a user needs to check the actual space available i.e. by clicking on Settings >> General >> About. It will display how much space available for use and the approx idea of a number of songs, apps, photos and videos a user is having.

2. Free up Space on iphone

If the reason behind the 0 byte error is space occupied by all files and app on phone. Then, a user needs to free up some storage space by deleting the videos, photos, safari history or cache, messages, or unused app that is not required by the user. Moreover, if the user is facing same error after deleting files and apps then, it must be due to iPhone crashing, some virus infection or corruption in iOS.

3. Fix 0 Byte available Error after iPhone Crashing

After trying all above steps, if a user is still facing this error then, it is because of iPhone crashing. However, to overcome this situation, one can try the steps given below on your iPhone:

  • First of all, run built-in antivirus software in provided Apple to check if any kind virus infection
  • After that, erase everything from iPhone by taking backup of iPhone in advance using iCloud
  • Reset iPhone to factory settings (default) and restart iPhone again.

Problem 2: Locked Out of the Mail App

“I am using iPhone 5, 16 GB version and now I am facing no space available problem. I deleted almost all apps that I have downloaded earlier still it keeps on showing 0 bytes available. I have tried almost everything such rebooting but no changes. However, it really urgent for me to access Mail app in iOS. Is there any solution available to resolve this issue and regain access to Mail app back.”


To overcome the problems faced by the users in accessing Mail app due to this error, they can follow the manual tricks listed below in order to Fix 0 byte available error :

1. Uninstall games or app from iPhone that is no longer use by the user.
2. Try to delete old message threads that contains lots of pictures and videos
3. Try to remove Other storage on the iPhone by taking backup and complete device restore to achieve any degree of success. However, Other stores junk, which is not necessary.
4. Delete all music from iPad or iPhone to free up space for Mail app access
5. If any of the above does not work then, try to forcefully start the app Cleaning process in iOS. Because cache of apps grows large due to some heavy usage apps like Instagram, Facebook etc.

Problem 3: Due to Jailbreak in iPhone

It is the another possible reason that generates this type of error. Due to jailbreak, it gets easily infected by any type of virus attack.


Although it becomes very convenient for a user to use iPhone after jailbreak, but it generates some problems also such iPhone becomes more prone to virus attack. Therefore, it becomes necessary for a user to remove the jailbreak. Now, to do the same follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First of all, connect your iPhone to the computer through USB cable and then, sync iPhone with iTunes
2. After that, click on Restore button in iTunes to restore your iPhone to factory settings or default settings.
3. After restoring, restart your iPhone and it will works correctly.


iPhone is very popular among youngster nowadays. However, due to various reasons discussed above, users are facing issues related to storage space in it. The most common error encountered by the users is 0 byte available error in iPhone. Therefore, to resolve such type of error, different manuals are discussed based on the reason of the error. Hence, a user can select any of them depending upon the problem they are facing.

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