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Fix Error vCard Import Request Was Rejected

vCard Import Request Was Rejected

Have you also encountered the error vCard import request was rejected while moving VCF to Microsoft Outlook and looking for the resolution? If yes, then this blog is for you only. As we have come up with the complete description about the problem along with an impeccable solution. Let us begin with the introduction of vCard file format.

What is vCard File Format?

It is generally known as standard format that is used to save contacts and information in an organization. This includes email address, contact number, occupation, name, and many more details that are crucial. In addition, vCard consists of images, custom fields & other types of media too. Sometimes, users need to move vCard to Microsoft Outlook, which is a desktop-based email client and used in various organizations. However, it is easy to move these files and if done manually it gives different kind of error messages. One such error is vCard move request was rejected. This issue arises at the times of process when a user tries to add vCard files to Outlook.

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Reasons : vCard Import Request was Rejected

Consider this user query, in order to understand the issue a user may face:

ā€œI was trying to migrate VCF file to Outlook, but suddenly got an error as vCard VCF import request was rejected. I really needed it on urgent basis so I have tried all that I can. However, all my efforts go in vain and I was not able to shift the files. Now, to accomplish this task I am seeking for the help of someone who has done this before or know how to do it properly.ā€

Need to Import VCF Files

As we know, MS Outlook has now attain a position is the digital world that it has become one of the popular email client. It provides the facility of instant emailing and maintains the database securely. Therefore, in order to increase the business productivity users want to move the contacts to Outlook. It is also because once it is done; it becomes so easy for users to utilize each of their contacts.

Let us now, discuss a manual way to complete this migration and then we will move to an approach, which provides absolute results.

Import VCF file to Microsoft Outlook via Manual Manner

Now, there are two ways to do it manually as mentioned:

Procedure to Import Single VCF

  • Firstly, you need to open MS Outlook and then
  • choose File>>Import and Export option, the Import & Export Wizard displays
  • Now, choose Import a VCARD File (.vcf), which is followed by a click on Next
  • Locate & choose the location of vCard and hit on Open
  • Finally, click on the contacts available in left navigation panel. Now, you can see your new VCF  contacts file.

Import Multiple VCF Files in 2010 MS Outlook and Newer

  • To begin the process, you need to open the contacts
  • Then, find the location of vCard. When you move various
  • VCF Contacts files with the help of IMail Web Client saves vCard in zipped folder. Now, open this folder and choose required VCF files to import.
  • After this, drag & drop the vCard into the MS Outlook Contacts page
  • In the final step, you can use and see the vCard files.

Note: This method sometimes display some error messages and able to accomplish the task.

Instant Solution to Fix Error vCard Import Request Was Rejected

Therefore, alternatively, you can use a automatics tool for the same, namely SysTools vCard Converter . This utility has the potential to move the VCF files into Outlook without displaying any error such as vCard move request was rejected. It can shift all the Contacts files in bulk without any issues. This software has a very simple interface and can be used by a novice for the purpose of migration.

  • Install VCF to PST Converter and Launch it.



  • Choose Add File or Add Folder

add vcf files

  • The software provides three import options: existing PST, Outlook profile and new PST. Choose one of the following options to go through the conversion process.

click on browse

  • Now, click on the “OK” button on the user interface of the software.

Click on OK

  • After that,  imported VCF vCard file in Outlook PST format.



The increasing popularity of Microsoft Outlook leads many users to import vCard to Outlook PST. However, this sometimes shows an error such as vCard import request was rejected. Now, resolving such issue is not easy for them and therefore, they have to face many challenges. Considering this, we have discussed a manual trick for the same. Apart from manual way, users can opt for a third party tool and complete the process without any errors.