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Why is Google Takeout Not Working? Alternative Solution

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Published On December 29th, 2022
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Google Takeout is a free service to export Gmail data such as Emails, Contacts, Calendars, etc., and it is provided by “Google Data Liberation Front”.

You can easily download the Google data on your computer by using Google Takeout but there are sometimes, situations that can occur when Google Takeout not working. In this article, we will discuss numerous reasons why Google Takeout failed and what alternative can be used for Google Takeout to easily download Google data.

What Google Data Will Transferred?

Google Takeout lists 40 kinds of different data such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc.

• File in Folders of your Google Drive
• Shared files that have been added to Drive will be copied. Remember, no new file will be shared.

What Data Will Not Transfer?

• Images stored in Google Photos
• Shared with me files that haven’t been added to Google Drive.
• Google sites, Google Forms, Maps, or any third-party data.

Reasons When Google Takeout Not Working

Once you use the internet to download Google data by using Google Takeout, in some cases, you face an error while downloading the data, there could be the reason why Google Takeout failed. We are covering a few of the reasons here:

1. No Resume Option – If you are downloading the Google data on your computer and somehow, the process has been interrupted for any reason then you may face the problem because Google Takeout does not provide any resume option.

2. Limited Backups – You should be very careful while downloading and exporting your Google data because Google Takeout only provides limited backups and then it will start showing errors. So, for resolving this issue you will need to contact Google Support.

3. Internet Connection Error – There is a possibility that an internet connection can be lost abruptly while you are taking a backup of your Google data. If this happens, you may be not able to take a backup properly.

4. Failed to Archive – Sometimes, your data failed to archive while taking a backup of your data, it mostly happens due to the larger size of files. In this case, Google states that your data did not archive properly.

5. Size Limitation – By default, the archive will be downloaded as a .zip file with a maximum size of 2GB. Even with .tgz format, you can only archive Gmail emails up to 50GB.

Note – Downloading the Google data using Google Takeout will not delete any files or folders from Google’s servers.

Solutions to Solve the Error When Google Takeout Not Working

There are multiple possibilities for the Google Takeout failure. Follow the solutions to solve the Google Takeout not working issue.

1. Follow the File Size Limit Allotted by Google

If you want to download the file smoothly, then you must go for the limited size. Google has limited the archive to 2GB in .zip format and it does not allow more than 500 files per folder. But, if you want to download the file in another format then Google allows the .tgz format up to 50GB. If you are downloading a file of more than 2GB then fill will be split into 2GB each.

2. Files Should be in One Folder

If you want to download the data then you must move all the files into a folder and then download that folder.

3. The Alternative Solution of Google Takeout

As we have discussed above, many of you may face problems while downloading or exporting the data. Even Google Takeout failed to export your required data on your computer. At this moment, you will need a sustainable and reliable solution to export your data. One such best Google Takeout alternative is Gmail Email Extractor Software to backup of multiple Gmail account.

This application provides you the facility to take a backup of your all-important data either personal or official data. It allows you to take a backup of all Google data such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. on your local computer or any other Gmail account.

Best Features of the Suggested Software

There are various specialties in this utility that you can not find in Google Takeout. A few of them we are listing below

1. This application helps you to export Gmail data into VCF 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 version format.

2. You can easily download Google Apps data and with the backup of Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Images, Videos, Emails, and Contacts.

3. By using this software you can download the report after the backup process to analyze the entire task.

4. In addition, this software provides you with the best option which is the “Delete After Download” option to clear emails from the server.

5. You will be able to download the specific folder from Google Gmail Data Backup to your computer, SD card, or any other Gmail account.

6. As with Google Takeout, there is no file size limitation. You can download and export multiple files or folders at a time of any size.

7. Through this application, you can take backups of single/multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously.

8. By using this utility, you can take backup Gmail emails with attachments from your personal Gmail account.

9. It will save your Gmail emails as PDFs along with attachments inside it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use the Utility

Download and Install the software on your local computer and follow the given steps

1. Login with your Gmail account credentials.

Login with Gmail

2. Now, select backup formats in which you want to download your Gmail data such as PDF/PST/EML/MSG, etc.

Google Takeout Not Working Alternative

3. Then, use Multiple Filters to download the selected data.


4. At last, click Start to complete the process.

Solved Google Takeout Not Working


In this article, we have discussed the method to download Gmail data and the reasons why Google Takeout not working. You can use Google Takeout to export your data on your system but there are some limitations associated with it, hence, you need to download reliable software to take a backup of your Google data.

It is such a helpful application to download and export the data because it has no file size limitation and you can export multiple files at a time. In addition, you can convert your file(s)/folder into different file formats by using this utility.