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Gmail Email Extractor Tool to Extract Emails with Attachments

Published By Kumar Raj
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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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In this blog, we will be introducing the Gmail Email Extractor, a tool that can parse all emails and store email messages, addresses, and attachments in multiple file formats.

Any user can use this tool to extract emails from a Gmail account without any trouble. Apart from emails and attachments, you can also extract contacts, calendars, and drive data from your Gmail account.

Why Gmail Email Extractor Tool?

Gmail is almost a perfect web-email platform and it’s free, provides a generous amount of storage space, multiple applications for all users. But, it has very small flaws that can impact any user very greatly.

Being webmail makes Gmail prone to hackers, crashes, outages, etc. Another thing is, Gmail users will not be able to access their emails or data at the time of the unavailability of an internet connection.

In any of the above cases, the user will not be able to access their data. Due to these reasons, it is necessary that every Gmail user should have a local copy of their data. And, the technique to execute it with the help of a Gmail email extractor.

Methods to Extract Emails From Gmail

One of the best and most demanding Gmail email extractor solutions is Gmail Backup Software. It’s best due to its exceptional features, compatibility, easy-to-use interface, etc. The utility is capable to extract emails from Gmail account in multiple file formats, such as PST, EML, MSG, MBOX & PDF.

Additionally, the software provides a folder filter option to extract Gmail emails from a particular mailbox only. Another user-friendly feature of this Gmail extractor tool is that it is available in multiple languages, such as English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

Moreover, the utility provides a category & date-range filter for selective data extraction. And, users can extract emails from their Gmail accounts and store them at the desired destination location in their computer or external drive.

Steps to Extract Emails with Attachments

Follow the Gmail Email Extractor tool working to extract all the emails and attachments from your Gmail account.

Step-1. First download the Gmail Email Extractor for free.

Gmail Email Extractor Tool

Step-2. Enter the Gmail id and password for Login into the extractor.

Gmail Login

Step-3. Choose the File Format in which you wish to extract emails with attachments.

Extract Emails from Gmail

Step-4. Now, select the Category for extraction.

Select Category

Step-5. Apply Filter, browse destination location and click on the Start button to begin.

Gmail Email Extractor Filters

Top Features of Best Gmail Extractor Tool

Know the best features of the Gmail Email Extractor software. Free download to easily extract emails and attachments from your Gmail accounts.

Email Filtering: This above utility provides the facility to extract selective emails within a certain date range. You can enable the date-range filter from the Apply Filter option and set the starting date and the end date of emails that need to be extracted.

Folder Partition Extraction: Another exceptional feature is the folder filter option. This filter allows a user to select a particular folder whose emails need to be extracted. You can find this option in the Apply Filter option and select the Gmail folders that you wish to extract.

Incremental Option: This is a very useful feature for Gmail users who perform the extraction on an occasional basis. After extracting complete Gmail emails once, at the time of the next extraction attempt, by using an Incremental option, users can extract only new emails. This will save both time and storage space.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy: This is an in-build feature provided by the Gmail email extractor. While extracting emails, the utility maintains the folder hierarchy of individual folders. After completion of extraction who can find an email in a folder the same as in a Gmail account?

Clean-up Space After Extraction: This is only one of the unique features provided by the tool. When this feature is enabled, the tool will extract the emails & simultaneously delete those emails from the Gmail server to provide more space for new data. This option can be used by users when Gmail storage space is approximately full.

Extract Contact, Calendars & Documents: Along with email extraction, the utility also extracts contacts, calendars & documents.

  • Extract Gmail Contacts: The utility is capable of extracting contacts in VCF format. It is a universal format for saving contacts.
  • Save Gmail Mail Calendar: The tool extracts all the calendars events in an ICS file. It will maintain all the event attributes & data retained in the file.
  • Extract Google Documents: The tool downloads all the Google Sheets / Docs/presentations & uploads files to the desired destination location. The tool will keep the hierarchy of folders and maintain the attribute of files during extraction.

Free Gmail Email Extractor From Google

Google also provides its own email extractor for users to easily extract emails from their Gmail accounts. This tool is known as Google Takeout. Although this tool can be used to extract all emails & other data. But, it only provides the option to extract Gmail emails in the MBOX file format. Additionally, it doesn’t provide a feature like a date-range filter, incremental option, delete-after-download option, etc.

Another limitation of this method is, it takes hours or days to create a Gmail emails archive (depending upon mailbox data) and provides only a limited attempt for downloading the extracted emails from the archive menu.


In the above blog, we have introduced the Gmail email extractor for users who wish to extract Gmail emails without any problem.

We have explained the few top features of the tool provided by the automated extractor. You can test the tool yourself for free and extract the first 100 emails & 25 other items.

Alternatively, we have also pointed out a free Gmail extractor tool from Google that can perform the job but not as efficiently as an automated solution. We highly recommend considering the automated tool as it provides far more features and security for extracted emails.