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Top Google Workspace Backup Solutions in 2021

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Published On November 8th, 2021
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At a glance: We have reviewed the top 3 Google Workspace backup solutions. These tools have proved to be better in protecting data than the others.

The number of companies providing Google Workspace Backup solutions in the market is never-ending. But, which is the one to fix upon, is the question.

Is the most advertised product the one for you, or the software that doesn’t hurt your pocket will suit you the best?

The answer to all your doubts can only be found when the top Google Workspace options are reviewed in detail and later compared. This will give you a clearer picture of which is the tool to rely on.

But before moving forward, did it ever cross your mind, do we give so much importance to the backup of Google Workspace data?

Google workspace, launched in 2006 as Google Apps and then was rebranded as G Suite in 2016, has dominated the internet market.

No matter how much Google boasts about its multi-layered data protection, there are always a few stones that remain unturned. The built-in data protection by Google Workspace against accidental deletions, ransomware, or any kind of malicious activity also has some limitations.

This concerns the users about the protection of their data. Thus, they look for third-party backup solutions.

Best Google Workspace Backup Solutions in the industry

SysTools Google Workspace Backup Solution

SysTools Cloud Backup & Restore tool is one of the leading software in the industry for saving data. All the mailbox items, ranging from emails, contacts, calendars, etc can be downloaded.

According to a quote by Steve Jobs, “Do Not try to do everything. Do one thing well.” This tool saves the Google Workspace data in no file format, other than PST files.

Though it saves its data in only PST, it does it with complete diligence. Also, the other reason is the high demand for Outlook. This is why saving all the data to PST has been given importance.

Dashboard to track real-time featuresNot available for Mac
No file size limitationNo available format other than PST
Focuses on backup of emails, contacts, calendars, documents
Delta & Concurrent Backup

Backupify for Google Workspace

Backupify is an automated G Suite backup recovery software popular for its fast recovery feature.

It recovers all the accidentally deleted Gmail or Google Drive files.

It even guards against the G Suite app outages or failed 3rd party integrations.

All the data ranging from Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Team Drives is backed up by it. It also sends audit logs, availability of SLAs, and data export on time. It even supports the backup of bulk data at a high speed.

However, it is notorious for not reporting failed errors or skipped files to the users, which creates a lot of confusion. Also, the interface of this software is complex for the users to understand.

Mature feature set
Fast performanceAny failure or errors remain unreported. Silent Google Drive and Shared Drive Backup errors
Ability to manage multiple domains from a single account.
Restore facility

Spanning Backup for G Suite

It provides real-time backup of all the Gmail, Drive, Shared Drives, Contacts, Calendar backup options. It provides the recovery option for Google Photos. You can fully restore your data using this tool. There is a lost and found folder that provides administrators with a list of deleted data.

Strong success rateNeeds high technical training
High reliabilityDoes not provide storage location options
2nd oldest and largest vendorBackup frequency limited to 1x per day.
Incremental backups
Restore facility

Comparison between the three Google Workspace Backup Solutions

To make the picture clear for you, also to help you choose the Google Workspace backup tool according to your preference, we have provided a table using which you can make an easy decision.

Point of ComparisonSysToolsBackupifySpanning
User-friendly interface
Restore facility
Fastest performance

Automated Backup
Backup Mail to Local ComputerPSTMBOXMBOX

Ready to Backup Your Data?

Cloud data backup is an important activity in the medium to large industries. This is because of their concerns like data loss due to accidental data deletion, undesirable activities by insiders, program errors, ransomware/malware/phishing attacks, online hacking attempts, application outages, failed 3rd party integrations, etc.

Here, we have provided 3 Google Workspace backup solutions to easily save your organization’s data. What solution you use depends on your overall requirements.