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How to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF with the Simplest Method

Convert Outlook Emails to PDF

PDF files can be opened on any operating system without any third-party software. Also, this file is ideal for printing. For these reasons, Outlook users find this a handy solution to convert Outlook emails to PDF file . If you are facing the same requirement, this blog is the right one for you. Here, we will discuss some highly sought-after methods of conversion. Before starting the main discussion, we will learn about the reasons behind conversion.

Outlook PST file data can be only opened with the help of Outlook application. And in absence of Outlook, users find it difficult to access the data of any PST file. However, this problem can be easily solved by converting Outlook emails in PDF.

Reasons Behind Conversion

The prime cause behind Outlook Email Conversion is portability. Outlook emails saved in PDF format can be opened on any system, no matter what the operating system is. Moreover, Court of Law demands submission of document evidences in the form of PDF file. All the situations lead to the requirement of Outlook emails to PDF migration.

How to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF?

There are two different approaches that can be implemented to export Outlook PST emails to PDF format. Users can either try the manual technique or they may choose PST to PDF Converter software. In the next sections, we will share the way of using both the methods.

For Windows

PST to PDF Converter

For Mac

PST to PDF Converter

Manually Export Outlook Emails to PDF Format

In case the requirement is to convert only a few Outlook emails in PDF, users can use the manual method. To begin this method, follow the below listed steps.

  • Open the email you need to convert in Outlook
  • Click on File menu and then select Print option.
  • Select Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  • Next, click Print to proceed.
  • Choose PDF from Save as Type menu and click on Save button.

Using this method, one can save one Outlook email as PDF at one time. This is the biggest disadvantage of the technique. Also, users will need MS Outlook installation and this method often fails to save attachments.

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How to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF Using Conversion Tool

For anyone who wants to skip these limitations and need to convert a lot of emails, PST file to PDF Converter should be the right choice for them. Along with emails, the tool can convert other data into Portable Document Format. The application also exports the attachments files of Outlook emails to PDF.

Now, let us take you through the process of running converter software.

Step 1. Launch the application and add Outlook data file into the panel.

add pst data file

Step 2. Preview the emails with attachments and click Export.

preview emails

Step 3. Choose PDF from the multiple Export options.

convert outlook emails to pdf

Step 4. Check advanced setting for more filter and feature.

advance settings

Step 5. Select saving location and click on Export to convert Outlook emails to PDF.

export emails

Highlighted Features of the Tool

  • Support for Corrupted PST: Damaged or Corrupted PST files are often a problem for the Outlook users. This application can fix corruption and then convert emails as PDF files. In case you have accidentally deleted some emails, use Advanced Scan to recover deleted emails and then export it in PDF.
  • Export Selective Data: Users can apply the features of Outlook Email Converter application to convert selective emails or folders. Besides, users can apply date filter to convert emails of a particular date range.
  • Additional PDF Settings: While exporting the emails in PDF, one can also apply certain settings in PDF file. The tool supports adding bates number, date stamp, page size and orientation, page margin setting, etc.
  • Data Preview Facility: After users add the Outlook file, they can preview the complete loaded data of Outlook. Users can view the emails in various modes and select the items of their choice to convert Outlook emails to PDF.
  • Convert Outlook Email Attachments: The tool can export the attachments in PDF files into Portable Document Format. The attachments can be found in the converted Adobe PDF file as the embedded link.
  • Batch File Conversion: Users can export many files at the same time with Add Folder option. The software accepts multiple file of any size and both ANSI and Unicode type file.

User Queries about Outlook Email Conversion

Hey, I want to get some Outlook emails printed out and keep as a record in hard copy. But when I try to directly print out, the original formatting gets distorted. To avoid this problem, I want to save the Outlook data in PDF first and then print it from the PDF file. Unfortunately, I do not know how to convert Outlook email to PDF. I will appreciate any help regarding this urgent necessity.

I am an investigator and my current assignment involves submitting some sensitive emails in the Court. For this reason, I have to batch convert outlook 2016 emails to PDF with attachments. I have not found out any suitable method to export Outlook emails in PDF, but it is a mandatory part of my task that I have to perform. So, can anyone tell me how can I migrate PST file with attachment files in a secure way.

Author Suggestion

Outlook users can come across various reasons to convert Outlook emails to PDF. They may want to save the data in original format or printout the data in hard copy. To execute this file conversion, users will need third party tool. The application is completely free of virus and malware, so users do not need to worry about their safety while using third-party software. Now it is up to the readers which method they want to choose for saving Outlook email data to PDF.