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How to Recover Formatted Data from HP Laptop? DIY Solution

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Published On January 17th, 2024
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Are you searching for a solution to recover formatted data from HP laptop? Then you landed at the right place. Read the complete write-up to learn about a reliable solution to restoring formatted data from an HP laptop.

Formatting laptop because of wrong operation, inaccessibility, virus attack, displays as RAW, etc. These are the common things that make users have to format their laptop. When users format their computer’s SSD drive, their important data is lost. This is the worst situation in everyone’s life. To resolve this situation, you have only one option: get back formatted data from the computer by using third-party software named SSD Drive Recovery Tool.

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What Happens When You Format Your Data from Computer?

In fact, formatting SSD drives does not mean that all data will not be recoverable. Just marking all data files is useless for users. Data is still available on your drive. If you save any new data on your laptop,. Then, your data will be overwritten and you can not recover formatted data from your HP laptop. Hence, if users want to restore formatted data from their HP laptop, then stop using your laptop as soon as possible until you do not retrieve your data.

Recover Formatted Data from HP Laptop by Using Trusted Software

Whenever users lose their data on HP computers,. Then, the third-party SSD Recovery Tool should be the first choice for users to restore formatted data from their laptops. It is the ability to retrieve formatted data from a computer. It is capable of restoring unlimited data without any file size issues.

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This software is support to recover deleted data from NVME SSD. It is simple to use; anyone can try this application. Users can try this utility without having any technical knowledge.

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Steps to Recover Formatted Data from HP Computer

  • Download and Launch Tool: Initially, users have to download software on their Windows computer.

  • Two Manners of Data Recovery: The tool provides two modes of data recovery: scan and formatted scan. Users can select a formatted scan for formatted data.

scan and formatted scan

  • Preview Recovered Data: Users can view their restored data. If you want to choose only some specified data back into the drive, then choose its corresponding checkbox.

  • Save Recovered Data: Once you have chosen the data files, hit Save. A box pops up on the window; here, you need to select any folder to save the recover data from formatted laptop.

By following all the above steps, you can definitely recover permanently deleted files from HP laptop. It recovers corrupted files from computer immediately, without any trouble.

Method 1: Use a System Restore Point to Restore Data Manually

You can use system restore point settings to undo data loss.

  • Open the control panel and click on Recovery

Open the control panel

  • Click to open System Restore.

Click to open System Restore

  • Click Next.


  • Choose a restore point from the list of versions. In addition, you can search for affected applications, which will be removed during the recovery process. Click Search for affected applications.

Search for affected applications

  • When you click the “Scan for Affected Programs” button, System Restore will give you a list of two programs. The top list contains the programs and drivers that will be removed during the restore, and the other lists contain the programs and drivers that will be restored during the restore. After seeing the list of applications, press the close tab.

programs and drivers that will be restored during the restore

Note: You can skip this step and click Next, but you must review the list of affected drivers and applications during the restore.

  • Select a restore point and click Next.

restore point and click Next

  • Confirm the restore point and click the “Finish” button.

Confirm the restore point

Why is Automatic Software Better than Others?

Although all three tips can assist you in getting formatted data back from a pen drive, the best way to recover deleted audio files from computer is to use the data recovery utility. This is trustworthy and professional data recovery software.

  • Provides a Free Demo Version: This program provides a free demo version with the help of which users can preview their lost data from a pen drive. After that, users can decide whether to buy this tool. In the demo version, users can only preview their data. They can not save it.
  • 100% Safe: This software is virus- and malware-free. You can download this tool without worrying about causing any damage to your laptop. The foremost thing is that users can download this tool for free.
  • Great Compatibility: You can launch this application on any edition of Windows, such as 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and all editions of Windows. It allows you to recover data from your Windows desktop, laptop, and Windows-compatible external storage devices. Users can apply this utility to recover data files from partitions with a file system such as FAT (16, 32), exFAT, and NTFS file formats.


In this post, we discussed the most successful and simplest way to recover formatted data from HP laptop. Here, we recommend one extraordinary solution to restore your formatted data from HP laptop. If you have a backup of crucial data, then you can recover permanently deleted files from HP laptop.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can formatted files be recovered from a laptop?

Yes, you can easily recover formatted data files from a computer using recovery software. It’s fast, easy and accurate.

Q: Can we recover data from a formatted laptop?

Yes,  use an SSD data recovery program that allows you to recover all types of data instantly.