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How to Retrieve Corrupted Files from Computer – Perfect Explanation

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Published On August 25th, 2021
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There is no doubt that most of the users store their important data in computer or laptop. But sometimes files on users pc become suddenly unusable and inoperable. If this has happened with any users and they want to retrieve corrupted files from computer. When data become corrupted, users can’t access the files stored in laptop. Therefore users have to figure out how to resolved damaged files from pc.

What is the Reason of Corrupted Files from Computer

There are a number of causers data files can get damaged or corrupted. One of the most common reason is that the sector on the SSD where the data is stored had physical damage. A sphere with physical damage is known as a bad sector.

In another ways, the reason is when numerous files are allocated to the same space in memory. Data are stored in memory in something known as a cluster and sometimes an insect in the Operating System, or a PC crash, may lead to two files acquiring allotted to the same cluster. It will lead to a corrupted or lost files.

Viruses that mistakenly mark solid state drive sectors as “bad” can also lead to files acquiring corrupted.

So, now we will clear this issue with user query so let’s go.

“Hello everyone, before two days ago when I tried to open few of my official documents in my laptop, I found that I found that I could not open them. They are all damaged and get an error message: “The data is corrupt and cannot be opened”. I don’t know what happen with my data It is not accessible. Please assist me how to recover files from SSD hard drive from desktop Thanks in advance.”

Recover Corrupted Files in Desktop with Windows Built-in Tool

To know how to recover corrupted HTML files from computer, or deleted excel, word and other files using the Windows built-in tool, follow the steps below:

Recover Corrupted Files from PC on Windows 7

  • Open “Computer” and then right-hit on the SSD drive that has the corrupted data files. choose Properties.
  • On the Properties window, hit tools and then tap Check now.
  • Choose the “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” and “Mechanically fix file system errors” checkboxes and then tap Start.

Recover Corrupted Files From PC in Windows 10

  • Open This PC right-click the SSD drive that has corrupted files and then choose Properties.
  • Select the Tools tab and then, tap Check.
  • After reviewing the scan result, tap Scan and repair drive. Select when you want the file system to be repaired and then wait for the final result.

Retrieve Corrupted Files from Computer Using CMD

In Windows 7

  1. Open the search box and type cmd. Right-hit on the command prompt and choose Run as administrator.
  2. Type sfc/scan now and click Enter. If corrupted files are present, Windows should locate and recover them.

In Windows 8/10

  1. Try moving the command represented in the Windows 7 section. If there are no problems, close the command prompt. If there are problems, continue to step 2 below.
  2. On the command prompt, type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and click Enter. Wait and then restart your computer.

Important Tips

The manual process above are approaching is complicated because to perform manual methods users have to technical knowledge. It will take a long time. There is also a possibility that data corrupted or damaged from computer.

How to Retrieve Corrupted Files from Computer With Reliable Software

For a fast and reliable solution to recover deleted files from hard drive, users can use the SSD recovery tool from SysTools. It will recover deleted, corrupted, and formatted from PC. It has ability to recover all types of data like audio’s, video’s, multiple, documents etc.

The tool provides two options of data recovery Scan and Formatted Scan. Scan option will assist you to recover deleted PNG files from computer, corrupted and shift deleted files from PC. And the formatted Scan option allows the users to recover formatted scan option.

The application delivers the exact outcome in some easy steps. This is simple to use and users can install this tool successfully in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and other versions.

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Prominent Features of SSD Recovery Tool

The utility offers huge amount of features that become useful for recover audio files from computer. Here is the lost few highlighted features of the application.

  • Ease of access with great functions
  • Virus, and malware free software
  •  recover deleted videos from computer and shift deleted files from pc
  • No files size, data corruption or damaged issues
  • Free demo version also available

Final Word

In this article, we have explained the manual and reliable solution to retrieve corrupted files from computer. It is recommended to take the backup of important data files before proceeding with the manual approach as there is a risk of files being corrupted and lost. Now its your choice, choose one of the solution and recover corrupted, deleted excel files from PC.