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How to Import Contacts from Excel to Blackberry Phone

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If you are stuck in a situation where you have to import contacts from Excel to Blackberry phone due to some reasons. And you will not getting a proper solution to resolve this query. Then, you are at the right platform, in this write-up we have discussed the best solution to convert Excel (XLS/XLSX) files into Blackberry device.

Blackberry is a name, which is synonymous to Business Smartphones. Different mobiles range released by the company such as Passport, Classic, Z3, Z30, Z10, Q5, Q10, Curve 9380, 70, 60, 50 30, 20, Bold 9790 30, Bold Touch 9900, Style 9670, Torch 9860 and much more.

Managing contacts in your Blackberry may sometimes turn out to be a very complicated task. At times to keep our contacts secure we tend to save them on our computers in Excel sheets. Now the question arises – How to Import Contacts from Excel to Blackberry?

Import Contacts from Excel to Blackberry | Conventional Way

Excel sheet’s contacts cannot be directly exported into Blackberry mobile. There are various methods available to carry out such a task of importing Excel contacts to BB devices. In the procedure of importing, we first need to convert Excel sheet to CSV file. For this, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Convert Excel to CSV File Format

  • Open the Excel sheet from which you need to import your contacts.
  • Go to the Windows button and select Save an option.
  • Select the Destination where the file needs to be saved.
  • In the File Name write the file name you want and Select CSV in Save as type.
  • Click on Save button.

NOTE: During this procedure, you might get warning messages stating formatting. Click Yes in them. This CSV File can be imported in Blackberry by various methods. Some of them are described in detail:

Import CSV file in Blackberry

  1. Using original Blackberry USB cable, connect your Blackberry to the system where your CSV file is present.
  2. In order to launch sync application of device click.
  3. Start All Programs Blackberry Desktop Software.
  4. In synchronization setting, Go to Organizer and select configure settings.
  5. In order to launch ASCII Importer/Exporter screen click setup and then select ASCII importer/exporter and click on Next button.
  6. Then Browse for the Database File and select the location where your CSV file has been saved.
  7. Double click on the CSV file and select Next. A Congratulations message will appear.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Click OK and then Sync when the Select Device Application appears on your screen.
  10. This will move all your contacts stored in CSV File to your Blackberry phone and contents of the CSV file will be displayed in contacts of your Blackberry.


  • Can be implemented on maximum Blackberry phones.


This procedure is for Blackberry Desktop Software 7.1 & earlier versions. The ASCII Importer/Exporter has been removed from Blackberry Desktop Software. Only a person with technical understanding can successfully carry out the above procedure with desired results.

Import CSV File in Blackberry via Outlook

To Import Excel contacts to Blackberry device, a user needs to first import the CSV contacts into Outlook application and then synchronize the Outlook account on your Blackberry device.

  1. After creating CSV File, map its header to the fields that are available in the Outlook.
  2. Select File option.
  3. Then choose Import/Export option.
  4. Select Import from another program or file option. Click on Next.
  5. Select as CSV (DOS).
  6. Click on the checkbox do not create duplicates.
  7. Select destination to export CSV file.
  8.  Now once the contacts have been added to your Outlook, you can open each of them and save them as a vCard file on a preferred location.
  9. Open Blackberry Desktop Software and follow out the steps of importing vCard contacts in your Blackberry device.


  • To import Excel contacts to Blackberry device, a user needs to be technically sound to carry out above procedure.
  • Mistakes can be done while manually mapping the CSV file fields to Outlook contact fields.
  • Time-consuming process.

Third Party Tools in order to avoid the long procedures and to import Contacts from Excel to Blackberry devices quickly without any data loss you can always take help of a third party tool like the  Excel to vCard Converter.

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For Mac Users

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The software is safe and secure to execute the data migration process. The tool does not require any external application to execute the data migration process. The utility is operable on all windows OS both 32 and 64-bit. The application import bulk Excel contacts to Outlook and easily configured in Blackberry device. The tool does not impose any file size limitation to move the data to VCF format.


  • Less time consuming
  • No need to be technically sound
  • No chance of data alterations or mistakes taking place.
  • Comes with a trial version for testing purpose.

Step by Step Instruction to Excel files Using Software

  • First, Install and Run the software into your device.

  • Click on Browse option to select the file which you want to convert.

  • Then, you will get a preview of selected files.

  • After this, select the vCard option.

  • After selecting vCard option, you should select vCard version.

  • Again click Browse button to provide destination for converted files.

  • At last, click on Export button to start the conversion process.

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In the above discussion, we have discussed various ways to import contacts from Excel to Blackberry. If you still face some issue then, feel free to drop a comment below, the matter will further be resolved by the experts.