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[Solved] Import Emails from Outlook to Office 365: A Complete Guide

import emails from Outlook to Office 365

A Few days back there were many queries that our team received about the process to import emails from Outlook to Office 365 online.

So today we decided to come up with a solution to import Outlook emails to Office 365 and uncover the Office 365 import service limitations. So without further ado, let’s start the solution…

Methods to Import Emails from Outlook to Office 365 Accounts

Apart from complex methods like Network upload, we searched a lot of tools that can provide us a process to be accomplished easily but it wasn’t an easy task.

Some tools had problems in moving large data files, some were slow and many didn’t have proper folder management.

But don’t worry we found the tool that can import emails from Outlook to Office 365 account effectively. And the name of the tool is – Office 365 Import PST Tool. The major aim of this write-up is to make people aware of a product on which one can easily rely to import Outlook emails to Office 365

Note: The recommended tool in this blog is practically tested by our team and it is free from viruses and all malware. The trial version provides you to move 25 data items per folder. We recommend you to purchase this tool for a high-end experience.

Best Method to Import Outlook Emails to Office 365

Based on our research and testing, the Office 365 Import tool is a comprehensive and the most robust approach to moving PST mailbox to Office 365. It means this tool has the capability to withstand all the problems. This application is designed in a well-structured manner with multiple innovative options for assisting its clients with successful data migration of Outlook PST to Office 365 without Outlook. The layout and interface of is easy-to-use that it does not require any technical guidance or knowledge for having hands-on upon it.

Features of Office 365 Importer Software:

Import Outlook data file into Office 365:

Office 365 Importer tool helps to move multiple data items like emails, calendars, or contacts as needed by the user. Many users had a tremendous experience importing Outlook 2010 calendar to Office 365 via this tool without any file size limitation.

An orientation of PST Folder:

This software works in a way that it creates a proper management folder in Office 365 account. The user can upload a single PST file or an entire folder and get the data uploaded to Office 365 account. This measure also keeps data formatting and styling in an exact manner as in Microsoft Outlook.

Fast Network Upload:

This user has features of uploading the data from Outlook PST to Office 365 if those files are kept in the private or public local network. So its a fast and easy way to move data from PST to Office 365

Report Generation:

At the end of the process to import Outlook emails to Office 365 account user even gets the chance to generate a CSV file that stores all the information about what all data has been more to what part of the Office 365 account. If any of the data migration get failed this CSV file also gives this information.

Incremental Import Option:

While importing emails from Outlook to Office 365 account if the process is stopped or is interrupted then next time whenever the user starts the process this tool will start the process of migration of PST to Office 365 from the exact same point where it was interrupted.


  1. Proved efficient when tested for 10 GB of PST file to migrate PST data to Office 365.
  2. No file size limitation for moving data
  3. Selected items migration is possible including date and data items filters
  4. Maintains folder orders
  5. Unique Incremental option
  6. Import Outlook emails to Office 365 without Outlook installation


It Does not import unhealthy or corrupted PST to Office 365 account.

Steps for Importing Emails from Outlook to Office 365

1. Download the Import tool from above button and launch it.

2. Click on ‘Is Admin’ and enter Office 365 Admin Credentials

3. Import the PST files using Add File(s) / Add Folder option

4. Create a CSV for mapping between PST file and Office 365 account and Add into software

5. Now, Choose the Category as “Email” & click on Import button to begin.

Observational Verdict

Being a technical blogger, we rate this aforementioned tool as 4 stars of 5 because this application is capable to import emails from Outlook to Office 365 mailboxes.

Taking into the consideration response speed of the product, it is totally dependent upon the size of PST file. But, according to our observation, the above-recommended tool takes less time than the other available software.