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Learn to Import vCard to Office 365 Account


Import contacts into Outlook Web App is not an easy task and that is the main reason that we can see a lot of queries that are associated with the same question. Outlook Web App access the data of contacts from the emails that we send or receive. The list is maintained in the backlog files and thus we can see all those contacts. But if any type of external contacts is to send then it becomes a very difficult process. The process is very simple but if there are a large number of contacts then this process fails very badly. And in case, if it is not done properly, it may result in some missing contacts. So, the same problematic situation doesn’t happen to you we want you to know how to import vCard into Office 365 easily. This is because; we are going to cover a trustworthy method to accomplish this task. However, it also important to know the factors behind this migration of contacts to Office 365 account.

Reasons to Import vCard into Office 365/OWA

Office 365 is one of the best cloud-based application, that plays an important role in increasing the productivity of a business. It has various features and applications embed into that make the storage of data safe and the transfer of essential information becomes fast. vCard, on the other hand, is a virtual business card that contains the contacts and basic details of those contacts. Therefore it becomes very important for migration of contacts to Office 365 so that user can access all the contacts.

Consider a query to understand the challenges of a user that they face to import VCF to Office 365:
“I am actually a Contact manager for a company. I need to manage multiple contacts who have mailed us or contacts us through any medium. I store all those in a CSV format as it is a most portable platform. Bit now I want to import csv into Office 365. To do this I tried various manual methods however nothing worked for me. I want a solution that can help me to import vCard into Office 365 as merging those multiple vcf files manually is not an easy task.”

This is one of the queries that are generally asked by users. With this, the problem we have coved the method to import vcf contacts to Outlook 2016 as other versions as well.
Import vcf to Office 365 OWA is performed manually by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to Outlook on the web.
  2. Open the app launcher tool in the top left of your Outlook on the web window as shown below.
  3. Click People.
  4. On the toolbar, click the down arrow next to Manage and select Import contacts.
  5. For ‘csv’ file, select “Outlook 2016/2013”.
  6. Click Browse to locate and select your file.
  7. Click Upload.
  8. Wait while your contacts are imported. A successful message will be displayed.
  9. Click Cancel to exit out of the import process.

Reliable Solution to Import VCF Files to Office 365 Account

The process to import vCard into Office 365 easily is actually a two-step process. This includes two: VCF to PST and then export PST to Outlook.
Let’s start

    • vCard Format to Outlook: Users first need to download vCard Importer tool and get the VCF contacts in PST file format. As the PST files are received then we can migrate these to Office 365 account.
    • Outlook to Office 365: Now, to import PST into Office 365 account, the user need to download Office 365 Restore tool. This software can export PST to Office 365 account within few minutes and would create a separate folder. In order to do this, you need to follow these steps as mentioned below:
      1. Download & run the tool and then login Window will pop up user need to put the Username along with the Password and hit on Sign in.
      2. Now, put the Office 365 Restore and import files from PST to MS Office 365 and hit on Next
      3. Then, select the Folder, Date Filter, & Category, accordingly
      4. Finally, you need to login to your Office 365 account and examine the successful import of PST files.

      The Bottom Line

      Office 365 offers various features and allows users to run their business smoothly. Due to its importance, users who want to shift their vCard files to MS Office 365. However, perform it manually is not recommended. Therefore, users can opt for third-party tools and can import vCard into Office 365 in an easiest and quick way.