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Do You Know How to Merge Password Protected PDF – Dig In Here!


“I work as a Digital Forensic Investigator in an organization. I am having some very important and confidential shreds of evidence related to one of my cases. I have to share these evidence with another investigator for further work. Now, I want to merge all the evidence present in PDF file format into a single PDF file. The major issue that all the PDF evidence files are password protected. I am stuck in this complicated situation. Please suggest me a simple and reliable way to merge password protected PDF files.”

Everyone is familiar with PDF files as it is commonly used by numerous users and organizations to manage data in a sophisticated way. Basically, due to the feature-rich nature of PDF file format such as platform-independent, no formatting issues,  non-editable etc. it has become the first choice of users.

Nowadays, due to security purposes, most of the people apply passwords to their PDF documents. This helps the user to protect their PDF data and content from malicious activities such as content theft etc. However, when the user needs to merge password protected PDF files then it becomes a really complicated task for him/her.

Now, the question crops up, how one can combine password protected PDF files? The answer to this question is given in the below-mentioned section. In this blog, we are going to introduce a complete process to merge password protected PDF files.

Part A: Removing Password From Password Protected PDF Files

First, the user needs to remove the password from the PDF files then he/she can merge the PDF files easily. There are different methods explained below using which the user can easily merge password protected PDF files.

Method 1: Removing Password via Google Chrome

1. First, you need to open the password protected PDF file in your Google Chrome browser

2. Now, add the password to open the PDF document and press the Enter key

3. After that, you have to navigate to File > Print

4. Select Save as PDF and then click on the Save button

However, some shortcomings are associated with this method. If the user needs to remove the password from the multiple PDF files then it would be a very time-consuming and hectic task. Thus, for quick password removal from the PDF files the user must rely on Method 2.

Method 2: Using PDF Unlocker Tool

The user can opt for an automated solution that is SysTools PDF Unlocker to reset and remove PDF password restrictions instantly. With this utility, the user can easily remove both user level and owner level restrictions. Additionally, the software supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and all the below versions.
Once the password is removed from the PDF files then the user can easily merge PDF files without any hassle by following the method explained below.

Part B: Merging Password Protected PDF Files

To merge multiple PDF files without any problem the user can make use of SysTools PDF Split and Merge. This utility allows the user to merge multiple PDF files in batch. Additionally, the software is compatible with all types of PDF files. There is no change in the originality of the PDF file as the tool maintains the originality of the PDF files. Moreover, the user can merge any number of PDF files with the software. There are no compatibility issues with the utility as it supports all the versions of Windows Operating system

Step-By-Step Process to Merge PDF Files via SysTools PDF Split and Merge

To merge multiple PDF files the user need to follow the method explained in the below-mentioned section.

1. First of all, you need to download and install SysTools PDF Split and Merge software on your system and launch it

2. Select the Merge tab from the software’s interface. Click on Add File or Add Folder button as per your choice

3. After that, select the PDF files which you want to merge

4. Now, click on the Process button

5. Select the location where you want to save the merged PDF file

6. The software will begin the merging process

7. After the completion of the merge process, you need to navigate to the location where you saved your merged PDF file

Summing Up

People add the password to their PDF files to make them secure. However, when the need arises to merge multiple password PDF files then it becomes a quite difficult task for the user. First, the user has to remove the password associated with the PDF files and then merge the PDF files. Thus, to help out all the users we have explained a complete procedure to remove password from PDF files and then merge them easily in the above section.