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How to Split PDF Pages Offline – 2 Best Ways to Divide PDF Files

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Published On January 29th, 2024
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Would you like to know how to split PDF pages offline mode? Individuals typically split PDF into pages since large PDF makes it very troublesome for users to read. Also, finding explicit data becomes disappointing particularly when you are in a rush. So, to overcome these problems people usually think to split PDF down the middle of the way they want to. But, the query is how to split PDF pages or how to divide PDF pages.

No worries, here you will get the solution to this query. There are numerous methods to split PDF pages offline, but in this blog, we will discuss the best approaches to separate PDF pages Adobe without much effort.

Method 1: Separate PDF Pages Using the Adobe Acrobat Pro

Using the Adobe Acrobat application you can perform your task in an easy way. This tool is a very great tool and supports multiple functionalities. But, because of its submitted yearly membership where you need to pay $14.99 consistently gets costly and along these lines, clients generally search for a similarly powerful yet reasonable choice.

  1. On your local system, launch the Adobe application and open the file.
  2. Now, hit the tools option, then choose the tool called “Organize”  and click the Spit option.
  3. Then, decide how you want to split single or multiple PDF files pages
  4. Now press “Output Options” to save it in the local system with a file name, and how to split your file.
  5. Finally, press the “OK” and then “Split” to split up the PDF files as required.

Here, each time the user can split a file, for multiple or large files this method would not be that effective to use. So, in this case, we recommend using the automated solution i.e. by using PDF Splitter Tool. This tool has overcome all these problems. So, let’s dive into it and know more about this great tool.

Method 2: Split PDF Pages Offline By Using the Advanced Software

PDF Splitter Tool comes with cutting-edge innovation. By using this utility anybody can safely Split PDF pages in offline mode and also consolidate mass PDF documents into one. This tool is adequate information safe during the Splitting and Merging of PDF pages. Now, let us know the working of this tool. You download its free version by clicking this button. Using this tool users can split and combine Adobe PDF files on Mac and Windows OS.

For Windows Users:

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For Mac Users:

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Step by Step Instructions to Know How to Divide PDF Pages

This is an extremely simple-to-use utility that has been designed with 6 Splitting alternatives. You can split PDF down the middle, split PDF into multiple files, rename or remove a particular PDF report, and more…

5 Easy Steps to Split PDF Pages Offline are stated below:

1. Download and install the software and select the Split option to divide PDF pages.

split pdf pages offline
2. Click on the “Add Files“/”Add Folder” alternative to separate PDF pages Adobe.

inserting PDF files
3. Pick the Split by Each Page alternative to the Split PDF page.

use split options
4. Give or select the objective location to save the resultant PDF by clicking on Change.

Split PDF Document Into Separate Files
5. Finally, after completion, the message will be shown, click the OK button split PDF down the middle or split by range of your choice.

How to Split PDF Pages Offline

Additional Features Offered by This Software to Split PDF Pages Offline

There are 6 alternative accessible ways in the tool to split up your PDF files as per your need. Let’s view these alternatives:

  • Split PDF by file size: As you can figure with the actual name this alternative is used for isolating the PDF file as per the size given by you.
  • separate PDF pages Adobe by Page number: This alternative is used to remove explicit pages in the PDF. Suppose you need to remove page number 3 of the PDF, so you can give this number into the text box and make a different PDF document having a number 3 PDF page.
  • Split PDF by Page Range: You can extricate a specific scope of the PDF document. Suppose you need PDF pages numbered from 3 to 7 and need to remove them and make a different document. So you can easily do this.
  • Odd Pages: With this alternative, the tool will isolate PDF pages having an odd number to make another PDF file.
  • Even Pages: Split PDF pages offline having even numbers.
  • Divide PDF by Each Page: The tool will separate each page of the PDF file and make different files of the single PDF files or we can say that it split PDF document into single pages.

Other High-end Features:

  • Permits to Split PDF Documents by Page Number and Page Range.
  • Allow users to Merge Password Protected PDF also.
  • Gives a choice to Split PDF by Size in MB.
  • Gives the choice to merge PDF files by size in MB.
  • The tool works in both Windows and Mac OS.

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Q1: Can this automated tool split large PDF files?

Ans: Yes, the tool was developed in a way that it can easily load and split large PDFs, it doesn’t impose any size limitations.

Q2: What are the different ways to split the PDF files?

Ans: There are several methods that can be used like Using Adobe Acrobat, professional software for separating multiple PDFs(Offline Tools) and online Free tools.

Q3: How do I split a PDF without Adobe?

Ans: Here you can use the automated tool mentioned above, this utility can help you to split up your PDF files easily even without Adobe.

Final Words

Here, in this blog, we have discussed the methods to split PDF pages offline. We have mentioned the two best methods to do so. But, as the traditional method (Adobe Acrobat) is highly expensive so we recommend users rely on the automated solution. You can see the automated tool gives you the opportunity to do anything with your PDF while splitting it. Split by Each page Option, you can split PDF into single pages. So, download its free version which will let split the initial 5 PDF for FREE.