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Learn How to Migrate Hotmail to Exchange?

Hotmail to Exchange

Webmail services are the easiest way to exchange data for business and social interests. Hotmail is one such free online webmail service offered by Microsoft and is popular as Outlook.com. This webmail service may contain crucial information and to safeguard them is the prime concern.

Since Hotmail accounts can easily get hacked, the users are migrating to other webmail services and one of the preferred services is Exchange Online. So here we will deal with the sure and easy steps for the procedure to link Hotmail to Exchange. To perform this migrations process, firstly convert Hotmail to Outlook and then import PST files to Exchange mailbox using SysTools Exchange Import.

User Query

I have my webmail services in Hotmail which I have been using since quite a few years. But now I want to import Hotmail contacts to Exchange online. I have seen the Hotmail accounts of some of my friends being hacked and I fear the same for my Hotmail account. I have some confidential information in this account and I don’t want that to get in the hands of the hackers. So could you please suggest me methods on how to change Hotmail to Exchange Online so that my webmail services remain secure?

Techniques to Migrate Data from Hotmail

The process to forward Hotmail to Exchange can be done in two ways:

  • Manual Method
  • Powershell Usage

Both these methods are reliable and so it is left for the user’s discretion to select any between the two.

Manual Method for Migrating Hotmail to Exchange

Step 1: For this, your Hotmail account is required to be configured to Outlook first. Follow these steps to add your account-

  • In the Auto Account Setup option fill in the details. By this, all your Hotmail Account mails are available in Outlook.

Step 2: The Hotmail account mail is required to be copied to PST format. Follow these steps to copy the mail format-

  • Go to File -> Import and Export -> Export a File -> “Outlook Data File (.pst)”.
  • The account for mail export is to be selected.
  • Use the browse option to go to the destination where the .pst file is to be saved.

Step 3: The Outlook is to be configured to the Exchange online. This step is quite complicated but can be performed using some Help tools.

Step 4: Here finally you will have to add the PST files and copy those to the Exchange account.

Migration from Hotmail to Exchange using Powershell

Step 1: The Directory Synchronization is to be enabled in the Microsoft Online.

Step 2: The Microsoft Online services Migration Tool is to be downloaded and installed.

Step 3: Go to Start -> all Programs -> Online Microsoft Service -> Sign in after the completion of the installation process.

Step 4: The details are to be filled in accordingly

  • The Hotmail email address is to be entered inSourceidentity
  • The Hotmail email address is to be entered in SourceLoginID
  • The Hotmail account password is to be entered Sourcepassword
  • The Microsoft Online Services email address entered as inTargetidentity

Note: Only the emails in the inbox are migrated through this process and are ineffective for contacts and calendars migration.

Limitations of the Manual Methods

The manual method and the Powershell method are quite lengthy and time-consuming processes. Moreover, the above methods need some technical expertise without which there is a risk of data loss in severe circumstances. In the Powershell method in addition to technical expertise, some administrative knowledge is also required whereas in the manual method to upgrade Hotmail to Outlook and then configure Outlook to Exchange is quite complicated. And also the migration process requires time for the import and export of emails.

Professional Utility

As mentioned above, both the manual method and the Powershell method, even though cost-effective but it consumes both time and effort. The simple and convenient way to replace the above methods is the use of the third-party tool like the Exchange Import Tool. This tool directly backs up the Hotmail account emails, contacts and calendars in the PST file format which can then be easily and directly be imported into the Exchange online.


The above blog explains the method of email migration from a Hotmail to Exchange account. It deals with the Manual and the Powershell Method and points out the limitations in both these procedures. Also for user convenience, the use of an efficient third-party tool is suggested.

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