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Migrate Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook Flawlessly

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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Migrate Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook

IBM Lotus Notes & MS Outlook are the main leading email platforms with very wide user worldwide. Often, there are chances that Lotus Notes users try to access mailbox data through Outlook. In the process mainly the contacts can be tricky to be exported. Thus, to migrate Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook, it requires the following conversion that can be accomplished by using manual methods or with the use of safer automated utilities.

If you are using IBM Notes for some time, then you must be aware that it saves all mailbox contents in NSF file. The application is built in with a suite of utilities that provide the allowance to the program & configure your system as a web server. While MS outlook, on the other hand, is the most popular emailing platform which not only assists you in sending & receiving emails but also stores all contacts, help to schedule meetings & also allow you to browse through the web. The file MS Outlook uses to store all information is known as PST file. hence users prefer to export Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook application.

There may be various reasons why a user would want to forward emails from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. Anyhow, to migrate Lotus Notes data to Outlook, a third party utility like Mail Migration Wizard is required. This software can easily migrate encrypted Lotus Notes emails to Exchange Server.

This means the user can export Notes contacts, emails, notes, journals, etc to Outlook. Hence, there are primarily two ways to achieve the task – manually & automatically.

All Possible Reasons to Export Lotus Notes Address Book to Outlook

  1. The installation & the maintenance cost for IBM Notes is considerably very high than that of the MS Outlook.
  2. Outlook is also bundled within the MS Office Suite, so users don’t need to purchase it separately.
  3. Outlook is very user-friendly & this is why users should export Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook app.

Apart from these reasons we can say that there are several other reasons too that users consider for executing this method. It depends on user to user & their needs that their existing email client fails to fulfil.

Manual Techniques to Migrate Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook

The below-mentioned manual method is split into two processes. In the first step, you need to export all contacts from the Lotus Notes account, in another step you can import these contacts to MS Outlook account.

Step1: Export Lotus Notes Contacts

  1. Launch IBM Notes & click on contacts.
  2. In the menu bar, hit More >> Export contacts. Then the system will show the export contacts dialog box.
  3. Now to export all contacts from Lotus Notes then, select “All Contacts in this view”.
  4. If you want to export all the information of the following contacts, then select “All Fields”.
  5. In the “Save to” option, browse the directory in which you want to save all the contacts.
  6. Give the target file an appropriate name.
  7. In the “Save as type” option, select CSV option.
  8. Now, click on “Export” button.

Import Lotus Notes Address Book to Outlook

  1. Run MS Outlook & hit Open >> Import. The application will display Import & Export Wizard.
  2. A field “Choose an action to perform” will get opened, select the ‘Import from another program or file’ option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Hit Next. The system will display an imported file.
  4. Choose select file type option to import, Select “CSV”.
  5. A “File to import” field will open, browse & navigate to the directory in which you have saved CSV file.
  6. Now select, “Do not include duplicate items”.
  7. Now, Hit the Next button to move further & migrate Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook application.
  8. From ‘Select destination folder’ option, select one available folder & click on Next button.
  9. Now, click Finish. The system will import all the contacts to Outlook account.
  10. After that, if you want to view the contacts, then you can open your MS Outlook account & click Contacts option.

Limitations of Manual Tricks

While the manual tricks are free of cost & import all the contacts in Outlook, but they fail to import all information which is saved for each contact in IBM Notes. Similarly, the image & logo information from Notes cannot be viewed in Outlook. Also, these methods appear a bit technical to some of the users.

Thus, a better option is to opt for the automated solution that can help transfer Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook by performing few clicks.

Perfect Automated Solution to Solve the Issue

To counter the shortcomings of the above stated manual method, we will suggest using an efficient solution like NSF to PST Converter. The software migrate Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook safely & accurately. This application is packed with various advanced features like conversion of Lotus Notes mailboxes etc. It provides an interactive GUI which makes the working of the tool extremely simple.

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Just download this solution & then follow the below-mentioned solutions in order to get the best results without any delay. This is the best users can get & to be honest it is more than enough as of today’s technology.

Step-1. Launch the Tool & then simply Hit the Add File button.

Migrate Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook

Step-2. Select the desired Category as per your requirements.

Set the Categories

Step-3. Apply the Date Filter to execute a selective migration.

Apply Date Filter

Step-4. Now, users have to Set the Destination folder path.

Set the destination path

Step-5. Simply, Hit the Export button at the end to finish the task.

Click on the Export button


The manual methods can only be good for just a few number of files. If in case, you need to protect your data from accidental loss or damage during the export process then you should simplify the process, opting for the automated tool to migrate Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook then will be the wiser choice.

Using the advanced tool based on experts’ recommendations, users can easily get their desired results. We are sure that this the best way to solve this query so far & export Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook safely. This is why IT experts use this solution themselves.