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Learn How to Forward Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

Ugra Narayan Pandey ~ Modified: 15-Mar-2022 ~ How To, Tech ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Nowadays, Microsoft Outlook is a very popular email client and it is used widely by many organizations. If we talk about Lotus Notes, it is considered as a secure email application by IBM but a little complex in terms of functionalities. If a user faces any issues then it is difficult to resolve them by own.

Therefore, many organizations have been moved to Outlook and looking for a solution to forward emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. You can migrate the entire data from the existing Lotus Notes accounts to Outlook. You can easily forward emails form Lotus Notes to Outlook by using various other commercial tools. There are many users those are facing issues in transferring their data from one email client to other.

“Hey! My organization uses Lotus Notes as their primary email application. Now, I have shifted to another branch of my company. They use Microsoft Outlook to deal with their emails. Now, I need technical assistance in exporting Lotus Notes emails to Outlook. I am scared of losing my data. Please help me….!”

“Hello! I am running a small organization and use Lotus Notes to deal with all the emails from my colleagues. Now, I have thousands of emails and my application is running very slow. Now, as per my friend’s suggestion, I have decided to forward all emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Please suggest me some solution to do so. Thanks!”

Need of Moving Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook

There can be a number of reasons to move the entire data from Notes mailbox to Microsoft Outlook. Reasons to forward emails from Lotus Notes 8.5 to Outlook are listed:

  • It is true that IBM Notes is a highly secure email application by IBM but it is also true that it is highly complex. Therefore, a user may find it difficult to work and understand the interface of the email client.
  • Lotus Notes has high maintenance cost as compared to Outlook. The purchasing cost is also high. If one is facing small issues while using the application then it might be difficult to resolve them. But in case of Outlook, you can repair the database file by its inbuilt utilities.
  • Portability matters a lot. You cannot view your Lotus Notes emails in your smartphones but Outlook provides this feature to access your emails easily.
  • If a user is a beginner to Lotus Notes, then he cannot understand and access his emails by himself. He is required to have technical assistance to understand the functionalities of the application.
  • In Outlook, you can access multiple accounts with multiple email addresses. Therefore, you can view all the emails from more than one account simultaneously.

Forward Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook Manually

To perform the process, you need to follow below steps to move all the emails to the popular emailing client Microsoft Outlook:

  1. First of all, open IBM Lotus Notes. Click on Mail to open your mailbox
  2. Then click on File from the menu bar and then click on the Export option
  3. An Export Wizard will open. Choose Tabular Text/Structured Text (which is supported by Microsoft Outlook)
  4. Click on Continue option to proceed with the exportation process
  5. To end the wizard window, click on Export button. Now, all your files will export to the destination location
  6. Now, you need to open Microsoft Outlook to migrate emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook
  7. Click on File >> Import & Export option
  8. An Import & Export wizard windows will open, you need to choose Import from another program or file option and after that, click on Next button
  9. You can choose either CSV (Comma Separated Values) (Windows) or TSV (Tab Separated Values) (Windows) option
  10. Then, click on Next button. After that, browse and navigate to the location where you have saved the file exported from Notes client. Select the file and click on Finish button
  11. Now, your emails and will migrate from IBM Notes mailbox to Outlook. You can also send Lotus Notes attachments to Outlook and access your data in Outlook.

Trouble Free solution to Export Lotus Notes to Outlook

Above method is effective when you have limited number of emails in your Lotus Notes mailbox. It may take a lot of time to forward emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. It is also possible that if you are trying to move bulk data then you may lose some data. But with the help of any commercial solution, you can export Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook.

It is recommended to perform the migration process with the help of NSF to PST Converter Tool. This method is very secure and will take very less time to move your data. You will not lose a single bit of data during the process. One with no technical knowledge can also understand and migrate the data effortlessly.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed the needs of many users who are facing problems related to moving data from Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook. You can either try a manual approach or seek the automated solution for the migration process. You can avoid lengthy and time-consuming processes with the help of the discussed solution. Forward emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook by keeping the data safe and secure.