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Know Best and Efficient Technique to Migrate NSF to Office 365


IBM Lotus Notes is an IBM’s Enterprise email client that integrates the social collaboration, electronic messaging, and other business applications. The standard files utilized by Lotus Notes comprises “.nsf” as their extension thus, these files are known as NSF Files.

Where Office 365 is a Web-based version of Microsoft Office suite for enterprise-grade productivity programs. The services of Office 365 is delivered to users via the cloud and it includes Exchange Online for emailing, SharePoint Online to collaborate, Lync Online for integrated communications, and Microsoft Office suite of applications.

MS Office 365 has gained an enormous popularity among users because of its wide range of functionalities. Hence, both small and large scale organizations are switching their email clients to O365. All the consumers who are migrating to Microsoft Office 365, many of them are Lotus Notes users. Complex operating procedure and high maintenance cost are some major issues with IBM Lotus Notes for what users opt for NSF to Office 365 conversion.

However, Office 365 administer email messages and all other tasks are comparatively finer. The complete procedure to migrate NSF to Office 365 necessitates some technical expertise so that the operation can be completed expeditiously without any data loss. Thus, this editorial explains a perfect and easy way for email migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365. But, before going for the migration technique, we must know the possible reasons that trigger users to switch their email client.

Top Reasons to Migrate Notes NSF File to Office 365

  • Exchange Online provide highly secured cloud that prevents users from data loss
  • Office 365 provides a deep searching facility for content in mailboxes
  • Office 365 benefits redundancy and high availability of mailboxes and public cloud
  • Always emerging maintenance pricing of Domino Server
  • OWA offers Data Protection and Backup features that allow accessing data anytime
  • Lotus Notes needs a great level of technical expertise
  • Office 365 offers many productive features for business
  • Fewer chances of data corruption in Office 365
  • IBM Notes takes more space on the local system to stock mailbox data

Before knowing the solution, let’s understand a user query for a clear picture!

User Scenario

“Hello! from last few years we are using IBM Lotus Notes as an email client in our organization. However, due to increasing maintenance cost and complex operating procedure of Lotus Notes, we are thinking to migrate NSF to Office 365. Thus, can anyone suggest a quick and efficient third-party tool that can transfer emails, calendars, contacts, and all other data items from Domino to O365 without any data loss.”

Migrate NSF to Office 365 – A Proven Approach!

migrate NSF to Office 365

SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool is a great solution for this conversion process. This software can easily import multiple NSF files to Office 365 mailboxes. It supports the conversion of multiple Lotus Notes mailboxes into O365. One can import emails, contacts, calendars, and all other data items from single or multiple NSF files to Office 365 account. Also, it supports for mapping CN values of Names.nsf file and Office 365 Admin Account credentials are required to execute the transfer procedure. The Live Server environment is necessary to migrate NSF to Office 365. Non-technical users who do not have much technical expertise can also use this software as it offers simple and user-friendly interface.

Simple Steps to Migrate NSF File to Office 365

Step 1: Launch Notes to Office 365 Migrator Tool and select Export option to start the Migration
Step 2: Now choose the option to export NSF to MS Office 365 and click on Next button
Step 3: Navigate to Add File or Add Folder, for adding multiple NSF files. After that, Enter the login ID and password of Office 365 account and hit Next button
Step 4: Apply the desired set of filters and click on the Export option
Step 5: The software will generate the progress report of operation via which user can evaluate the conversion procedure
Step 6: Once migration will complete successfully, a notification will pop up on the display Here, click on Ok button

Finally, with the execution of the guidelines that are mentioned above, users can easily convert the NSF data files to Office 365 with the help of NSF file to Office 365 Migration tool.

Concluding Lines

There are many users who are searching for the solution to migrate NSF to Office 365 at the rapid rate. There is a manual method to convert NSF file to O365 yet, that can arise a lot of problems for many users and also it may lead the user to permanent data loss. However, this operation can be easily executed via NSF to Office 365 Converter. If a user is having a large size IBM Lotus Notes mailbox then, they can utilize this software for an effortless and effective solution for Lotus Notes all data items to Office 365 Migration.

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