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How to Migrate OST to Office 365 Without Losing Any Data


Web-based email services are a good deal for small to large scale businesses. All the services of the web-based email clients are guaranteed to be available in the cloud storage. Out of all the Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 is the most used web-based email clients in today’s modern digital world. So, migrating the files from one another is a very cumbersome process for anyone and could also lead to the loss of the data. Here, we will talk about how to migrate OST to Office 365 without losing any data.

Methods to Export OST to Office 365

There is no such direct method to migrate OST to Office 365. So, for this, there are two methods to Import OST to Office 365. They are as follows:

1. Migrate OST to PST.
2. Import PST to Office 365.

Here are the steps for the above two methods:

1. Export OST to PST

The steps to Move OST to PST is as follows:



Outlook users can use this method to copy or move the data to a PST file. It is the best suitable method when the user wants to move everything from the mailbox. Here, the following steps for this step:

1. First, open Microsoft Outlook application.
2. Second, go to the File tab and click on Archive.
3. Third, the user should select the destination to save the archived PST file.

4. Fourth, the process of Archiving will start after clicking on the OK button.

Note: Using this step user can export OST file data except the Outlook Contacts.


Export is a quick and easy solution to move all the contents of an OST file to a new PST file or only just Contacts and Calendars. The steps of this method are as follows:

1. First, open Microsoft Outlook.
2. Second, click on the File tab the, select the file using Export to a File and finally click on the Next button.
3. Third, select the .pst(Personal File Folder) and click on Next button.
4. Fourth, select the folder where the user wants to export and then check for Include subfolders.
5. Finally, the user must select the location where they can store the exported files and click on the Finish button.

Migrate OST to Office 365 To use this feature the user must be connected to Exchange Server.

Shift all the items to new PST file

Now, in this method users have to create a new PST file in their profile and shift all the folders to the new PST file created. The steps to implement this are as follows:

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application on the system.
2. Create a new PST file in the Outlook profile.
3. Select all the mailbox folder where the user wants to shift the items to a PST file.

Note: Using this solution users are not allowed to shift Inbox, Sent Items, Calendar, and Contacts.

Limitations of the Manual Methods

The limitations of the manual methods to Export OST to PST mentioned above are as follows:

  • Data can be easily lost.
  • Internet connectivity is a must.
  • Archiving does not allow to export the Contacts in a folder.
  • Exchange server connectivity is a must every time when
  • performing these steps.

Third-Party Approach to import OST to PST

There are many times where manual methods to import items from an Offline Outlook data file to PST files are not at all reliable. That’s why the use of the third-party tool is the best solution to import OST file to PST.

Also, there are so many third-party tools are available which imports OST files to PST. But the best out of all of them is OST to PST converter and it easily imports the OST files to Outlook PST.

Import PST to Office 365

OST to Office 365

To export OST to Office 365 there is no such direct method. For this, the user must first import the OST files to Outlook PST using either manual method or with the help of a third-party tool. After completing the process to export OST file to PST files using another third-party tool Office 365 migrator to import PST to Office 365.

The steps to import Outlook PST to Office 365 using the third-party tool Office 365 Import is as follows:

  • Launch the Office 365 Import tool in the system.
  • Log in to your Office 365 Account and select PST files
  • Now select Category and Apply Date Filter.
  • Click on the Import button to import PST files to Office 365.


There are different email clients used by different organizations. But while user switches from one organization to another they also want to migrate the data from one email client to another because the organization might be using some other email client. The Office 365 email client is more flexible as compared to MS Outlook because all the data is stored in the cloud storage. Whereas, the data in MS Outlook is stored in the OST file. So, instead of wasting time on manual methods to import OST to Office 365 use the third-party tool to save time and lengthy process.

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