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How to Perform Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook Conversion

Akshay Vats ~ Published: 02-Sep-2021 ~ Tech ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Email communication has become one of the most important aspects of today’s lifestyle for nearly each and every individual, either he is a home user or a business worker! Without any doubt, this accelerating technological growth in the present era has led to a further increase in users’ demands. For fulfilling such demands, adapt, powerful and perfect email clients have always been the need of the hour! Most users look for such email clients that are easy to use and that are bundled with many robust features.

In the open source one, Thunderbird is quite popular and happens to be the first choice for many. However, owing to the more robust features (including better contact management and social media connectivity, etc) of the ever-so-popular Outlook email client has always attracted users and continue to do so. Therefore, many users these days are in search of conversion tools i.e. SysTools MAB Converter to export Mozilla Thunderbird contacts to Outlook and export Thunderbird Contacts to Office 365 in an easy way.


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The Manual Method for Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook Conversion

  • First, you have to export the address book contacts from Thunderbird in the LDIF format.
  • For this, you can click on the icon of Address Book from the menu bar
  • Then, you have to import this LDIF file into Outlook Express.
  • For this, you can click Start and then go running and their type min
  • After that, click ok And then you have to import contacts from Outlook Express to Outlook.
  • Finally, open the Outlook email client and there you have to enter the credentials
  • Repeat these similar steps for all other address books as well

Issues Faced during This Conversion Manually

Converting your address book contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook version manually is surely not a cakewalk! You are bound to face challenges in the execution of this task. If you have converted your contacts before through such manual way, you must be already well aware of the fact that how tedious and painful the whole process is! Thunderbird’s contacts do not convert to Outlook easily! Users can certainly choose such manual techniques for contacts conversion but that would have some pitfalls. If you try such workarounds and free tools, you face the following issues:

  • Tedious and time-consuming process
  • Laymen users face the issue of understanding the technical jargon and thus follow incorrect instructions. The role of an expert third-party becomes mandatory here where the support team proactively helps the users during the process of conversion until it is completed.
  • There is a sure risk of losing your valuable data
    No such assurance of complete conversion as it is there with professional tools
  • Bulk conversion might not be possible; or even if it is possible, it would take a lot of time
  • Lesser options for saving the contacts after undertaking the conversion process
  • Executing this manual process of contacts conversion from Thunderbird to Outlook would be a very intricate one
  • Last but not least, there always remains the chances for data corruption, and this thing cannot be ruled out!

Better Workaround or Alternative Solution

Thunderbird has an address book, which contains all the contacts information in a file called the MAB file. SysTools MAB Converter tool converts Mozilla Contact Book i.e MAB to CSV, saves the Thunderbird MAB file in vCard or VCF Address Book, converts more than one file from Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook, multiple MAB files into PST and even supports bulk contacts conversion from MAB into various file formats with no such limitation for the file size providing two conversion options: one is the file conversion option and other the folder conversion option; wherein, it supports two modes of conversion execution – one is with Outlook installation mandatory and other is the conversion without the need of Outlook installation.