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Here Comes OLM Splitter Full Version Crack Free Download


In every business communication, emails are one of the most preferred platforms used among other collaborating mediums. When we talk about Mac Outlook, it is also one of the most widely used email applications in which the data is stored in OLK file format. Users can export the Mac Outlook data in OLM file format. Over the years, there has been a concerning factor seen among Outlook for Mac users. This is nothing but issues related to an oversized OLM file.

There can be serious problems dealt with a large-sized OLM file such as degraded Outlook performance, causing corruption to the OLM file due to exceeded OLM file size. Besides this, when an oversized OLM file is imported to the Outlook profile, at times it leads to the deletion of some data which can turn out to be a nightmare situation. As a result, there comes a need to split an oversized OLM file into multiple small files.

In order to split the OLM files, users prefer to download OLM splitter full version crack without paying any extra penny from their pocket. Here, with the help of this post, we help to know the possible techniques to download free OLM split crack without any hassle.

Let’s Check Out a User Query Mentioned Below to Understand the Need Broadly.
“Been a Mac Outlook user over a decade, there are numerous important emails and other data in my profile. As a result, I ensure to create an archive OLM file as in when the size gets exceeded. Now, I need to access the archive OLM file which needs to be imported to Mac Outlook. Upon importing, it is still showing in loading stage and the files are not getting accessed. Could someone help me know some solution to split this oversized archive OLM file so that with the divided small OLM files it will be easily imported to the Mac Outlook profile. Please advise some crack version to split accessed OLM files.”

Although it is a perfect idea to download free OLM split crack version, however it causes a major impact on your system data after downloading it.

5 Things to be Known Before Using OLM Splitter Full Version Crack

  • Once the OLM splitter full version crack is downloaded in your system, there occurs system crash of the active window which leads to data deletion. It may also result in BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Moreover, you cannot launch complain of this fake software.
  • It consists of malicious viruses that can hamper your work. This is because it leads to removal of software applications that is installed on your system.
  • While downloading OLM splitter full version crack, spyware and malware gets automatically downloaded with it. This malware gets activated in your system thereby infecting the crucial data.
  • The work efficiency of divide OLM file free full version crack software is poor as compared to the genuine full version of the software. This is because there are chances of getting inaccurate results upon splitting the oversized OLM file.
  • Using OLM splitter free version crack, users may not be able to upgrade the crack software. Moreover, any important notifications regarding updates, etc. will not be notified to the users.

Download Free OLM Split Crack to Divide Oversized OLM files

split OLM file full version crack

One can easily download the full version of SysTools Mac OLM Splitter from the official website (https://www.systoolsgroup.com/olm/splitter/). The software is available in the demo and full version. Using the demo version, one can effortlessly split first 50 emails from each OLM file. However, this limitation is dominated in the full version wherein it allows splitting an unlimited number of OLM files into small OLM files. Let’s discuss its remarkable features in detail in the upcoming section.

Here are the steps to Split OLM files:

Step 1. Install the software on Mac and add files.

add olm file

Step 2. Choose split by size, date, email id or folder.

split olm file by size

Step 3. Click on Split button to start dividing OLM file.

olm splitter

SysTools OLM Splitter Software – Noteworthy Features

  • Effortlessly allows splitting of OLM files having size of more than 20 GB
  • Multi-mode options to break OLM – Size, Date, Folder, Email ID
  • Split OLM by Email ID allows to divide OLM by From, To, Cc, Bcc categories.
  • Using “Split large OLM file by Folder”, one can efficiently break oversized OLM by all folders or selective folders
  • With “Split by Date” option, split emails by date ranges or single date
  • Always keep the metadata properties intact after splitting the OLM files
  • Easily gets downloaded on all versions of Mac OS including the latest Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina)

Here Comes the Cheat Sheet to Download OLM Splitter Full Version Crack

Users can upgrade the trial version to full version using the serial keys listed below:

t6gr6t8k-4g6m-8426-fbt -217bt86f3672

Author Suggestion

To easily split large OLM files into small file sizes via OLM splitter full version crack, users often search for a reliable yet efficient tool like SysTools OLM file splitter. This tool offers a wide range of result-oriented and outstanding features. Furthermore, we have also disclosed the techniques to divide OLM file crack download in this blog.

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