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Split Large OLM file by Folder – Here’s What You Need to Do!

split large olm file by folder

Have you ever met with an instance in which you need to split large OLM file by folder? Are you undergoing troublesome time to deal with this situation, unfortunately not able to find a suitable solution for the same? Then, bury all your worries as we are going to introduce a finest yet result-oriented approach that will allow you to break large OLM files by folder in no time.

We are now familiar with the fact that Mac Outlook stores data in OLK format. Moreover, it provides the option to export the data into OLM file format. To be more precise, the OLM file is the database file of Mac Outlook. The maximum file size capacity of an OLM is still unknown. However, if the size of the folder exceeds beyond 2 GB file size, then it might fail to export. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to split OLM file by folder from different Outlook versions i.e., 2011, 2015/2016, 2019. With this help of this blog, now you will be able to easily break the oversized OLM file without any hassle.

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What Users Say About Their Need! Let’s Have a Look!
“From the past two years, I have been using Mac Outlook 2019 for both business and personal usage. As a result, there are numerous crucial data which is stored in each OLM data items. I need to create backup for each OLM folder so that I can delete it later at any time. Is there a feasible solution to split large OLM file by folder? If so, kindly suggest at the earliest possible.”

How to Split Large OLM File by Folder Using Manual Solution?

If you are hunting for a manual method, then let me clear you that there is no manual solution that will allow to break large OLM file by folder. The manual solution will only divide data items from the existing oversized OLM file. This can be done by importing the large-sized OLM file to a new profile in Mac Outlook. After that, export OLM file into separate data items such as emails, contacts, calendar, etc. However, it’s not a sure-shot solution to split large OLM file by folder.

Then, what is the perfect solution to break large OLM file by folder?

Use Mac OLM Splitter to Divide Oversized OLM file By Folder

download olm splitter

No doubt, it becomes a challenging task for the users to find a genuine solution to split large OLM file by folder. In the absence of manual method, it becomes more crucial to rely on some automated tool. Mac OLM Split tool is a feature-rich and versatile utility which offers a wide-range of advanced features to smoothly divide oversized Mac OLM file into multiple folders. Users need not have to worry about any data loss issue, as the tool ensures to preserve complete metadata properties of the files as per source file format.

The software provides the option to “Split OLM file by folder”, in which users can divide OLM files by all folders or selective folders. With “Split All Folder” option, all the OLM folders like emails, contacts, calendar, etc. will be divided individually into separate OLM files. However, with the option to “Split Selected folder (s)”, only the chosen folders will be splitted to a separate OLM file.

How Does the Tool Work to Split Large OLM file by Folders?

  • Download and run the tool on the Mac machine.
  • Import the OLM file to the software interface to choose the desired options to break OLM file by size, date, email ID and folder.
  • To split large OLM file by folder, tool renders two-different options i.e., to split by folders or selected folders.split large olm file by folder
  • The software also provides the option to “Split by Size” of more than 20 GB file size. The tool is capable to divide OLM file i.e., minimum by 100 MB and maximum by 20 GB. break large olm file
  • With “Split by Date”, two separate OLM file will be created. One with the data mentioned before the date and another after the specified date. With “Split by Date Range” option, the OLM file with the data which comes under the specified date ranges “To” and “From” will be created.mac olm splitter tool
  • Another option is “Split by Email ID”, in which the data will be divided for the mentioned email ID. Users can split large OLM file by From, To, Cc, Bcc email ID.divide oversized olm file
  • Once the desired settings are applied, mention the folder path to save output OLM file and click the Split button to break large OLM file by folder.

Author Suggestion

Considering the various user demands to split large OLM file by folder, this blog has described an ultra-quick solution using Mac OLM Splitter software. As there is no reliable manual approach to break large OLM files, availing the top-notch third-party tool is a wise option.

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