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OneDrive for Business Tenant to Tenant Migration – Quick Solution

Jaspreet Devgan ~ Published: 25-Aug-2021 ~ Migrate, Office 365, Tech ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Overview: This blog covers the smart & simple solution for the user query i.e. how to perform OneDrive for Business tenant to tenant migration. In few easy working steps of the professional tool are described here along with the manual method to migrate OneDrive data between tenants.

Let’s have a quick sneak peek at OneDrive in Microsoft 365.

An Overview of OneDrive

OneDrive is a free cloud storage provided by Microsoft to its users. That can be used to edit, save, and share your documents and other files. It’s an online cloud storage space hence, can be accessed by smart-phones, computers, and any other devices, connected to the internet. Microsoft provides 5GB of free cloud storage after that users will need to upgrade to paid subscriptions, which includes different plans according to their use.

Brief introduction of OneDrive for Business In Microsoft 365

As it is clear from the name, OneDrive for Business is designed for business organizations. It allows organizations to provide their employees a cloud storage facility and they can easily manage its usage from a central location. When a user saves a file in OneDrive it automatically synchronizes to all other devices. That gives us a facility to work on the same document from multiple locations.

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Why do Users Need to Migrate OneDrive Data Between Tenants?

There may be various reasons when users of Microsoft 365 need to migrate their OneDrive data.
Some of them are listed below:

  • Due to the merger acquisition and divestiture activities within the business organizations.
  • Due to the organization name change activities.
  • Due to Storage and backup scenarios in Microsoft 65, etc.

How to Perform OneDrive for Business Tenant to Tenant Migration?

As Microsoft did not provide any direct solution or tool for OneDrive data transfer. Hence, there is no direct method to perform this task in Microsoft 365. Therefore users have to opt for automated solutions. Many industry experts suggest OneDrive to OneDrive Migration Tool, a brilliant, tried, and tested tool to migrate OneDrive data between tenants in Microsoft 365. This utility ensures a seamless data transfer experience to its users.

Automated Solution:

This is an advanced utility to perform this migration project safely. Only Admin credentials are required to execute. With this tool, users can easily migrate data from single or multiple user accounts. Also, the priority option allows users to easily set the priority for the early migration of specific users. This utility provides the facility to transfer all or selective data by providing a date filter option.
IT also gives the option to migrate document-level permissions from source to destination.

Easy Steps to Perform OneDrive for Business Tenant to Tenant Migration

With few clicks, the user can migrate OneDrive data

Step 1. Download the tool & open it. Now choose the source and the destination as Office 365 from the home screen.

Step 2. In order to migrate only OneDrive data, users have to check the document option, it will allow document migration, and also they have to enable migrate document permission.

Step 3. In this step, users have to log in with Admin ID and Application ID and then click on validate button.

Step 4. In this step they have to create user group mapping by choosing any of the three options facilitated in this software: Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download Template. Fetch users & after performing successful user mapping click on Validate

Step 5. Now, click on the Start Migration button to perform OneDrive for business tenant to tenant migration.

Is There Any Manual Approach to Migrate OneDrive Data Between Tenants?

Yes, users can download OneDrive files from the source account and then upload them to the destination OneDrive account. But, this approach is not suitable for bulk OneDrive data transfer. It is really a time-consuming and daunting process for OneDrive data migration. Also, there are no filter options as given by the professional tool. Hence, this makes users switch for some third-party tools like as given above.

Manual Steps to Perform OneDrive for Business Tenant to Tenant Migration

The manual method consists of manual download and upload. Let’s discuss the step-by-step procedure for it.

Step 1. Browse onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/signin on your computer.

Step 2. Now sign in with your source OneDrive account

Step 3. Download all the desired files, and folders on your local computer.

Step 4. Now sign in to your destination OneDrive account and upload all these data to this account.

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So There You Have It

Users must make sure to analyze the methods on how to perform OneDrive for business tenant to tenant migration and select one that best serves their needs. If they are willing to spend more time for the same manually, then they can perform the manual process. But, in order to save manual efforts and time try the professional tool as we discussed in this post.