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How to Unprotect Password Protected PDF File With 2 Techniques

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PDF files are a great source for exchanging the information. These files maintain file structure & data integrity while sharing. But, sometimes security on these documents makes people difficult to work with these files. It can be a password or restrictions, any of these securities restrict the user for the complete file access. Therefore, people are searching for the solution of the query “how to unprotect password protected PDF file”. Now, for the resolution of the user’s query here in this write-up, we have discussed two solutions that can easily unsecure PDF files without any difficulty. But, before that let’s know about the protected files.

Kinds of Password Protected PDF Files

Basically, there are two types of security passwords in PDF documents it includes user-level and owner-level. User-level password security allows users to secure the documents by adding the password. While on the other hand owner level secured PDF files restrict users to copy, edit, print, comment, sign, etc.

When files are secured with an owner-level password a permission password is required to unlock them. Adobe Acrobat can remove this owner-level security but it requires a permission password. If the user knows this password they can follow the method (i.e. Adobe Acrobat Pro) described in the below section. But, what if this password is not known to the user? Then, in such cases, it is necessary to use some alternative solution that can unsecure PDF without password.

How to Unprotect Password Protected PDF File With Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Then, click on the File option >> Properties >> Permission details
  • In the “Security” tab, select the “No Security” option
  • Enter the permission password to unprotect password protected PDF
  • Click on Yes to confirm the PDF security removal

Pitfalls of Adobe Acrobat Solution

  1. At a time single PDF file can be unlocked
  2. Requires permission password to remove restrictions
  3. Highly expensive program

How to Unprotect Secured PDF File With the Professional Software?

Adobe PDF Unlocker Tool allows users to unprotect password protected PDF files in batches. The utility efficiently remove restrictions and password from PDF files. It provides the Add Files / Add Folder option to insert multiple PDF documents for unlocking purposes. All restrictions like a copy, edit, comment, sign, form filling, print, etc., can be easily eliminated by the tool.

The software supports removing security from 128 / 256-bit encrypted PDF documents. It does not require any external program to remove password from multiple PDF files. Moreover, it supports different versions of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents for removing restrictions from PDF documents.

For Windows:

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For Mac:

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Step by Step Process to Unsecure PDF Files

Follow these simple steps to unprotect password protected PDF documents:
1- Launch and run the tool on Windows OS.
2- Click on Add Files / Add Folder option to insert PDF documents.

 Remove PDF Password Protection
Note: If the file is password-protected then enter the document and open the password.
3- Click on Save or Print option as per the requirement.

how to unprotect password protected pdf file
4- Hit the Change button and select the destination location.

how to unlock password protected pdf file
5- Click on the Unlock button to initiate the process.

how to remove password protected pdf file
6- Now, navigate towards the destination location & view unlocked files.

how to unprotect password protected pdf file

Other Unique Features of the Tool

If the user wants to unlock password protected PDF files but, they want to keep the original PDF password on the resultant document then they can select the option “Keep source PDF password in output file”. With this, the resultant file will contain the password.

Note: This software is also available with a small toolkit comprising of 6 tools. It is available at its best price i.e. $49.These utilities help in recovering corrupt PDF files, PDF watermarking, PDF file splitting and merging, form filling, unlocking, PDF file compressing, and conversion from PDF to PDF/A.

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In this write- up we tried to answer the most frequently asked query i.e. “how to unprotect password protected PDF file”. Both manual and automated methods are covered that help users unprotect secured PDF files. If the user is having a permission password then they can opt for the Adobe Acrobat application. But, if in case this password is unknown then they can try the automated software that can efficiently unsecure PDF document without password.