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PDF Password Cracking Tool Free Download for Mac or Windows

free download pdf password cracker

Maintaining confidential information or sensitive data in PDF documents with password security or restrictions is highly preferred by many people. It’s because the password security on these files won’t let others to view PDF contents easily. While owner level password security in PDF files stops others for copying, printing, or editing the PDF documents. But, for the fast & easy accessibility of these files, it becomes necessary to crack PDF file security. But, the main question is how?. Which is the best PDF password cracking tool in the market? So, to answer such user queries we come-up with this write-up and discussed the best possible solution here. So, continue reading.

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Smart Way of Cracking Password Protected PDF Documents

According to me, one of the best PDF Password cracking tool available in the market is SysTools PDF Unlocker tool. One can rely on this software to crack PDF file security & restrictions. Users can free download this smart tool either on Mac or in Windows OS to unlock multiple PDF.

For Windows Users:

One can use this program to crack owner password PDF for copy, edit, print, comment, sign, etc. The software permits the user to remove the known document open password also. It has no limitation on the size of the PDF documents, it can complete the process of cracking password protected pdf documents of any size in very minimal time.

How to Use this PDF Password Cracking Tool on Windows OS?

Few steps are required to be followed to crack owner password PDF with the help of this utility. The program is smart enough to enable PDF file permissions like a copy, edit, print, etc. Now, follow these instructional steps for cracking password-protected PDF documents.

Download Free Demo

1- Free download the software on Windows Operating systems

2- Click on Browse button to add PDF documents for cracking security

3- Now, view the security restrictions present in the PDF document

4- Click the Browse button & select the destination location

5- Hit, the unlock PDF button & crack PDF file security

For Mac Users

The Mac version of the tool allows users to crack owner password from PDF documents on Mac OS X. In a single time, multiple PDF files can be unlocked for printing, copying, editing, signing, etc. If the file is protected with user-level password then it can be unlocked with this tool. But, it is necessary that initially the user to enter the password for PDF file unlocking. The software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 and above versions. Also, it can remove security from AES & RC4 128 & 192 bit encrypted PDF documents.

How to Use PDF Password Cracking Tool on Mac?

Download Free Demo

1- Free download and run the tool on Mac machine

2- Click the Add Files / Folders option

3- Initially the status of the PDF file is pending

4- Click the Unlock button to start the process

5- Lastly, “Unlock process completed successfully”

Is there any Online PDF Password Cracking Tools?

But Why to Avoid Online Tools for Cracking Password Protected PDF Documents

As we know many online solutions can crack PDF file security but there are some kind of limitations associated with them. It could be file size, file type, or any other issue. Apart from this, there might be some chances of PDF file corruption also. Hence, it is suggested to use offline utilities as compared to an online solution.

The complete comparison report of online and offline solutions is given below:

Quick Comparison of Online & Offline Tools

S.No Comparison Criteria SysTools PDF Unlocker Online Tools
1 Conversion method Offline Online
2 File Size limitation None Upto 150 MB
3 Formatting Issues None Some kind of
4 Difficulty Level Easy to use Easy to use
5 File Type Any PDF file Some only work for owner level secured PDFs
6 Corruption Issues None Few chances of file corruption


In this write-up, we have seen the best PDF password cracking tool for removing security from PDF documents. We have also talked about the online solutions for cracking password protected pdf documents. But due to their limitations, it is suggested to go for an automated solution. The software described in this blog can be free downloaded to crack PDF file security for both Windows as well as for Mac operating systems.