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Explore the Best Method to Insert Signature Image in PDF Document

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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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Sometimes, users are getting stuck in a tiresome situation. Where they need to insert signature image in PDF documents. As we all know, that the portable document file ‘PDF’ is the most secure file format. Basically, it is utilized by many professional and personal users all over the globe. Because of it furnishes eminent features. But, what if when you have to insert a scanned signature into PDF document and then send it back?

So, now don’t worry because, in this write-up, we are coming up with effective approaches to insert digital signature image in PDF without any hassle.

Quick Solution: In order to add a scanned signature in a PDF documents, then use PDF Watermark Software. It is a reliable & trustworthy application to insert image signature in PDF documents.

Insert Signature Image in PDF by Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

This free solution is implemented with the help of Acrobat Reader DC. Thus, we are going to explain the steps below. You just need to follow all the below-stated steps in an appropriate manner to get a better outcome.

1: Initially, the Acrobat Reader DC & then click on the Fill & Sign button which is located in the right pane.

click fill & sign

2: Now, hit on the Sign button on the toolbar and choose Add Signature option to add signature picture in PDF.

Utilize other buttons on the toolbar to do the same add extra information. For instance, you can add a text or type checkmarks to fill in forms utilizing buttons on the Fill & Sign toolbar.

add signature

3: You can add a signature and  create a signature in mainly three ways. By default, Adobe Acrobat chooses Type option. So, you can enter your desired name and have it transformed into a signature. Basically, this will not look like your genuine signature, so it likely isn’t ideal.

 Mainly, you can choose Draw or choose Image if you want to insert signature image in PDF. Then, scan it with the help of any scanner. After that, add a scanned signature into PDF document.

4: After generating a signature image, simply click on Apply option to add  Here, you should have to check the option to Save Signature so, you can instantly add digital signature image to PDF in the future.


5: Here, position your signature image where you need to add the sign image with your mouse and hit over there to apply it. Basically, if you select to save your signature image so, you will find it simply accessible in the Sign menu in the future.

6: Lastly, to save your signed PDF document, click on File and then Save option. After that choose a wished location for the PDF file.

After following the above steps you can successfully add signature picture in PDF.

Any Disadvantage of using this Solution?

This manual solution to add a scanned signature in a PDF document has some limitations which affect the entire procedure directly. Mainly, it is a lengthy process, when user has multiple PDF files. Moreover, it takes time , you have to spend your valuable time to the completion of the procedure successfully. So, it is better to switch to an alternative that can easily add digital signature image in PDF document.

How to Insert Signature Image in PDF Documents Instantly?

As you can see, that the above-stated free approach having some constraints that affect the process badly. So, here we come up with an instant alternative named as  PDF Document Watermark Software. This software is equipped with amazing features that assure to provide you with an effective and satisfactory resultant. Mainly, it is capable enough to insert a scanned signature into PDF documents in bulk also it can add picture watermark in PDF documents easily. So, you “don’t require to put too much effort”. And you can easily add a signature image without wasting your valuable time using this tool. Moreover, it adds any text and customizes its color, size, and placement etc. This software also generates a summary report which consisting the watermark details.

Steps Included to Insert Image Signature in PDF Files in Bulk

This is a for steps procedure to add signature picture in PDF without any hassle. Have a look:

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1: Initially, download and install the PDF Utility to insert signature image in PDF document.

insert signature image in pdf

2: Here, Add file/folder to insert signature image to PDF document by pressing the Add Files/ Folder Button.

insert PDF files to add signs

3: Now, by using the Change button to set the path of the Output file which is to be saved.

setting the destination path

4 : From Text and Image option select Image Watermark option & fill the watermark details.

choosing image watermark option

 5: Select the image watermark by pressing the Browse button and at the same time apply filters as per needed.

insert sign image to add

6: Lastly, preview the final changes and hit on the Generate button to begin the procedure to insert signature image in PDF file successfully.

insert signature image in pdf

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Here, in this article, we highlight on the most commonly asked query such as how to insert signature image in PDF. If you think that using the manual solution you can get a satisfactory outcome so, you are wrong. The free solution having some limitations we already explained in the above segment. Thus, it is better to opt an alternative solution as described in the blog. Because this application has the capability to add a scanned signature in a PDF provide you with the desired result.