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How to Recover Raw Files from Hard Disk without Data Loss?

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Published On December 19th, 2023
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Want to know how to recover raw files from hard disk? If your answer is yes, then in this article we will discuss manual and automatic solutions that you can use to recover data from RAW drives. Stay with us till the end of the blog to know the complete process of the solutions. Let us first understand the user query.

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User Query

“Last night, a storm caused a power outage, knocking down half of the servers. Though I had backups of everything, I noticed a drive was missing from one of the servers (having customer details through our website). The disk is still there but it has been labeled as invalid. I ran a few wizards to convert it to a regular disk but the disk is marked as RAW. The disk is unformatted and does not allow any activity. Does anyone know how to recover raw files from hard disk in such cases?”

Well, this query is self-explanatory about what technical issue changed a basic hard disk to a raw hard drive. In this blog, you will get complete guidance on how to restore raw files from a hard drive via the Instant Recovery Solution.

What Is Meant By RAW Hard Disk?

The RAW disk is not a standard file system. The Windows operating system cannot recognize it. Moreover, it is a system error for storage devices such as SD cards, hard disks, and other storage mediums too. It obstructs the user from formatting the drive too, so the user is left nowhere when the hard disk turns out to be a raw disk.

What Reasons RAW Hard Disk?

  • Power Outage: This user query is a real-time example of a RAW drive due to a power outage. When data is processed on the drive, a sudden breakdown of the electricity supply has a negative impact on the data on the drive.
  • Bad Sectors: Hard drives accumulate bad sectors (physical and logical) over time due to wear and tear and other hardware and software technical issues. The main contributors are:
  1. Displacement of read/write head of the drive
  2. Software conflicts
  3. Program incompatibility with the operating system environment
  4. Wear and tear on the hard drive
  • Corrupted File System: When the file system faces structural damage, it can be converted into a raw disk.
  • Master File Table is Corrupted: Virus attacks, malware infections, incorrect shutdowns, application conflicts, and improper removal of storage devices are more than enough to corrupt the master file table and turn a regular disk into a RAW disk.
  • Incorrect Formatting of Disk: Anyone of them can result in failed formatting and convert to RAW drive.

a. Inadequate knowledge about formatting
b. Inappropriate methods to format the drive
c. Failure of the formatting process

Errors That Indicate RAW Disk Existence

  • The user won’t be able to use the drive while Windows finds and repairs any errors.
  • It shows as No media in the Disk management
  • Chkdsk is not available for RAW drive

Recover Raw Files from Hard Disk Using the Expert Solution

If you have a RAW file system or you cannot access any drive and you receive a message like “The drive is not formatted,. Do you want to format it now? then it is possible; the hard drive is damaged. Now, instead of formatting a special hard drive and losing your data completely, you can use a Computer Deleted Data Recovery Software to recover unformatted partitions.

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This software maintains the original disk format after recovering data from internal and external hard drives. This tool recovers virus infected files from external hard drives. The original information type and other elements are not lost or changed.

Steps to to Recover Raw Data from External Hard Drive

  • Download and launch the software on the computer.
  • Select the raw drive and click on the Formatted Scan button to recover raw data from external hard drive.

How to recover raw data from hard drive

  • Let the scanning be complete, and it will enlist all the recover deleted files from hard drive on the panel. Select the files you want to save and click on the Save button.

How to recover raw files from an external hard drive

  • Choose the destination location and click Ok to export the recovered raw data from external hard drive.

How to fix raw file system on hard drive

Now you know how to recover raw data from external hard drive without losing data. You can also recover deleted PNG files from laptop. We will get a little in-depth knowledge that becomes the reason for the raw hard disk.

Concluding Words

When the user sees hard drive status as a raw disk, it is nothing less than a nightmare. It not only hinders the accessibility of the user but also does not allow formatting or any other activity on the hard drive. The matter gets serious if a hard disk holds valuable data. We mentioned a direct solution for how to recover raw files from hard disk. Data-recovery solutions can easily accomplish this task.